At the kết thúc of December năm trước, Vingroup officially launched Almaz Center in the urban ecology Vinhomes Riverside. Almaz consists of modern convention center, luxury bar và restaurants, classy wine lounge và other amusement parks.

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The most luxurious and splendid food và entertainment center in Ha Noi capital

Almaz means "diamond" in Russian, which symbolizes for the opulence & magnificence. With this name, Almaz implies that this is one of the most elegant and luxurious food and entertainment center in Vinhomes Riverside Riverside - the grandest urban ecology in Vietnam giới. Almaz is a convergence of the world"s leading architecture, superb cuisine, the high quality services, international meeting rooms, luxury bars and restaurants, & classy entertainment và shopping district.

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Almaz Convention Center has the total space of more than 4,400 square meters with the seating capathành phố of over 1,600 people. Depending on the needs, guests can choose meeting rooms with diverse kích thước, generally, from 70 square meters lớn 1,100 square meters. Being outfitted with luxurious interior, contemporary light và sound system, modern equipment, và professional staffs, Almaz Convention Center is suitable for national and international conferences. Especially, beautiful natural sceneries of Vinhomes Riverside Riverside also make Almaz Convention Center become a perfect choice for thắm thiết wedding, a variety of cultural activities và arts.




The unique space of Almaz Vinhomes Riverside is also big advantages for restaurants designing its special architecture & decorations. The most outstanding restaurant in Almaz is TungLok Heen Restaurant - a Chinese cuisine br& which is widely recognized in Singapore, nhật bản, Đài Loan Trung Quốc, Indonesia, India, & so on. Firstly appearing in Vietnam giới, TungLok Heen Restaurant chose Almaz as the only one destination to introduce lớn Hanoians in particular & Vietnamese people in general its special dishes. Foods in TungLok Heen Restaurant are directly prepared by famous Chef Foong Kian Meng. In addition to Eastern restaurants, Italian restaurant Topaz Italiano with Head Chef Giacinti Alessandro and European restaurant Ruby with Head Chef Michelin will help guests khổng lồ enjoy excellent European cuisine. Along with that, Japanese restaurant Kimono Elegance and Vietnamese restaurant "Huong Vi Xua" will must-to-visit address for those loving Asian cuisine. Being prepared by Vietnamese famous chefs such as Nguyen Trong Thin, Dinc Ba Chau, Ton Nu Thi Muoi, etc., delicious Vietnamese traditional foods of three regions will be served at Huong Vi Xua Restaurant. 




Besides contemporary convention center and luxurious restaurants, Amber Wine Lounge also contributes to make the uniqueness for Almaz. Amber Wine Lounge is trang chủ of many well-known wine collection. And what"s more, guests can enjoy melodious music in thắm thiết outdoor space Sapphire Skybar, relax in Almaz Karaoke & Almaz Bowling. With the luxury, elegant, và modern style, Almaz truly brings Hanoians the world classy space.