UMENT>EX-10.512dex1051.htmANNEX TO ORIGINAL CONTRACTAnnex to original contract Exhibit 10.51 ANNEX TO THE AGREEMENT Dated19th of December, 2001 Made và Effective in Bnei-Brak on the 19 day of the month of January 2008 Between Arkin Real Estate Holdings (1961)Ltd. Of 29 Lechi Street Bnei-Brak (hereinafter the “Property Owner”) of the one hvà And Perrigo Israel Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (formerly Agis Industries (1983)Ltd.) Of 29 Lechi Street Bnei-Brak (hereinafter the “Lessee”) of the other hand WHEREAS The Property Owner is the owner of leasehold rights in the l& và the building attached khổng lồ the lvà which are located at 29 LechiStreet, Bnei-Brak & are known as Parcel 32 in Blochồng 6642 (“Agis House” or the “Premises”); AND WHEREAS theLessee and/or anyone on its behalf leases the Agis House from the Property Owner and holds it in accordance with a lease agreement dated 19 of December 2001 (the “Agreement”), valid until the 31 of December 2011 (the “Term”); AND WHEREAS In accordance with the provisions of Article 8 of the Agreement, the parties wish to lớn execute, uponmutual agreement, an adjustment to lớn the monthly rent that the Lessee shall pay the Property Owner during the Term, all as mix forth in this Annex khổng lồ the Agreement (the “Annex”) & which shall be deemed effective as ofJanuary1st, 2008. NOW THEREFORE the Parties agree as follows: 1.The preamble to this Annex constitutes an integral part of the Annex hereof. 2.All of the provisions of the Agreement shall apply lớn the Annex unless explicitly amended herein. 3.Article 7 to the Agreement shall be amended as follows: “7.a.The rent for every month of the lease during the Term shall be $45,000 (forty five thousand US dollars) & shall be paid khổng lồ the Property Owner every six months inadvance, i.e. on the first day of January & on the first day of July of every year, plus linkage và rate of exchange differences as follows: 1.Half of the rent, i.e. $22,500 (twenty two thousvà và five sầu hundred US dollars) will be converted lớn NIS according lớn the representative sầu rate of the dollar aspublished by the Bank of Israel on 31.12.07 và to this amount will be added, to lớn each payment, the linkage difference to lớn the consumer price index whereas the linkage basis shall be the index published on 15.1.08 for the month of December 2007 andthe determining index to calculate the addition shall be the index which is known at the time of each payment.

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Page 1 of 2 2. The giamcanherbalthin.comond half of said rent amount, i.e. $22,500 (twenty two thous& & five hundred US dollars) will be paid in NIS according khổng lồ the representativerate of the dollar at the time of payment, together with linkage differences lớn the US consumer price index (known as the C.Phường.I.) whereas the basis index shall be the last index published in the journal “Heshev” prior to lớn the1st of January 2008 và the determining basis khổng lồ calculatethe addition is the last index published in the journal “Heshev” prior to the day of payment. b.Value Added Tax will be added khổng lồ rent payments at the rate applicable on the day of each payment against a duly issued tax invoice. 4.Article 8 of the Agreement is hereby deleted. 5.Any modification, amendment and/or or waiver of or khổng lồ the terms of this Annex shall be executed in writing và signed by the parties. 6.All other provisions of the Agreement shall continue to apply & be in full force and effect. IN WITNESS THEREOF, the parties have sầu executed and signed /s/ Moshe Arkin/s/ Refael LebelProperty OwnerLessee Page 2 of 2