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A school that held a "no backpack day" saw students improvise and stash their stuff in a range of wild items, including shopping carts, trash cans & laundry hampers.

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Ekonomik Tarnowskie Góry, a middle school in Poland, decided to lớn task pupils with a different kind of homework—finding something to store their books and belongings in that wasn"t a traditional rucksack.

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The teens rose to lớn the challenge, with a hilarious TikTok đoạn phim shared lớn the school"s account,
ekonomiktg, showing off the weird và wonderful receptacles the students came up with.

The clip, which can be seen here, was shared earlier this month, và said in the on-screen text: "No backpack day,"

It filmed youngsters in the hallways & classrooms, with one captured trying to wrestle a full-size shopping trolley through a door.


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