my main problem is that, i don"t underst& what argmax means in this equation (page 134., figure 4., the output part)

I want lớn write a code, but i don"t underst& this equation. Is there any simpler form of this equation ? (maybe an example)

This is how i underst& it:1. i count the sum first2. i find the argmax

Sorry for my dummy question, but i am not realy good in this area.Thanks for your answers !


Lets say we have a funktion $f(x) = -(x-2)^2 + 3$, which has a global maximum at $x_0=2$ with $f(x_0)=3$.

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This means that $max(f) = 3$. $arg!max$ answers not how high the maximum is, but where it occurs: $arg!max(f) = 2$.

cảnh báo that $f(arg!max(f)) = max(f)$.


In general $$x^*=arg max_x f(x) $$ means return $x$ that maximizes $f(x)$.

How khổng lồ find $x^*$? 1) Find $f(x)$ for all possible values of $x$ as $x_n,,f(x_n)$. 2) Find the maximum value of $f(x)$ in the phối $f(x_n)$, let"s denote it by $f(x_max)$. 3) return $x_max$.

You don"t have lớn store all values. You can start by saying that $x_max=x_1,,f_max=f(x_1)$. Then if $f(x_2)>f_max$ update the values as $x_max=x_2,,f_max=f(x_2)$. If not, keep the previous values. When all the possible values of $x$ are considered, your $x_max$ at the end will be the value you are looking for.

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Apply this lớn your situation.


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