the part of existence that is measured in minutes, days, years, etc., or this process considered as a whole:
If you"d taken more time with/over (= spent more time doing) this essay, you could have done it much better.

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If you say there is or that you have sầu no time to chiến bại, it means that you must vày quickly whatever it is that you want to lớn do:

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a period of time added khổng lồ the over of a football match because play was stopped during the game, usually to lớn take care of players who were hurt:
a particular period of time for which something has been happening, or that is needed for something:
That was the best restaurant I"ve sầu been lớn for/in a long time (= a long period has gone past since I went lớn such a good restaurant).
During her time (= while she was) in office, the prime minister introduced a large number of changes.

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used lớn refer to someone"s period (= the bleeding from the womb that happens once a month when a person is not pregnant), especially when you want lớn avoid saying the word "period":
Her mother told her she needed to eat red meat because you thua more iron at that time of the month.
a particular point in the day, as expressed in hours and minutes or shown on a cloông chồng, or a particular point in time:
Today"s temperatures will be normal for the time of year (= will be as they are expected khổng lồ be in this season).
We regret that at the present time (US also at this time) we are unable to lớn supply the products you ordered.

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The time is fast drawing near/approaching (= it will soon be the time) when we"ll have lớn make a decision.
a particular point of the day, year, etc. that is suitable for a particular activity, or at which something is expected lớn happen:
Why is it that the buses never run on time (= make their journeys in the expected number of hours, etc.)?
If it is about time/high time that someone did something, it should have sầu been done sooner or a long time ago: