The Inauguration Ceremony of Becamex

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Picture:New Becamex Tower
On September 1, 2011, at Becamex thành phố Center urban area, Thu Dau Mot
Town, Becamex IDC Corp. Held the inauguration ceremony of the high rise
Becamex Tower office and opened the Becamex Trade Center, which is amall type shopping center on floors 1-5 of the same building. The new shopping center và business center building is located in theprovince of Binh Duong, South of Vietnam, about an hour drive from Ho
Chi Minh City. Becamex IDC, Vietnam"s leading Investment Corporationand Industrial Development company occupies the đứng top floors of thebuilding. Several of the middle floors are reserved for a"Business Center" offering office rentals, ranging from office for oneperson khổng lồ a medium-sized company of 20 persons và up. Manystart-ups companies can save costs of newly established offices bysharing facilities & services such as photo-copying machine, internetconnection, fax, secretary, etc. The Becamex"s Business Center isdesigned khổng lồ help facilitate foreign investors that look to open arepresentative office, sourcing office or start-ups in Binh Duongprovince, Ho bỏ ra Minh City & near-by provinces. The cost forrenting offices in HCMC is much higher than in Binh Duong which is notthat far from HCMC và the business center therefore offers a new wayto get into the Vietnam market at lower cost.
Picturesabove: office space in Becamex"s Business Center Picturesbelow: Shopping Center area on the 1-5 floor of the building

Becamexinvested over 500 billion Dong in the main building. The building of 25floors has a total area of 50,000 square meters for office space; và atotal area of 12,500 square meters for commercial area. It is locatedon Binh Duong Boulevard, Thu Dau Mot Town, Binh Duong, Vietnam. Becamex Tower project is part of the model urban Becamex thành phố Center of
Binh Duong. The work started construction in December2-2009 on the 6 hectare area located between Pacific Avenue Road and
Dau Mot town. The project includes the mall, apartments, offices,shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other servicefacilities. Time lớn complete the city Center project is 5 years withtotal investment of more than 2,500 billion Dong.
Pictureabove: The leaders,officials of the State và Becamex cut the inauguration ribbonof Becamex Tower – to xuất hiện Becamex
Trade Center
Attending the ceremony were Mr. Mai The Trung, the Commissioner of the

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Party Central, các buổi party Committee Secretary, Head of Provincial Parliament
Delegation, Mr. Vu Minh Sang, Standing Deputy Secretary of the
Provincial buổi tiệc ngọt Committee, Chairman of Provincial People"s Council,Mr. Le Thanh Cung, Deputy Secretary of Provincial party Committee,Chairmanof the People’s Committee; the former provincial leaders,leaders of provincial & government departments, offices anddistricts, towns, etc. Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, Chairman of the Board of Directors - General
Director of Beccamex IDC said, the inauguration of Becamex Tower andputting Becamex trade center into operation have had a greatsignificance in improving the service supply chains of Becamex IDC andthe surrounding region. He also said, the completion of the new centerwould bring a new choice for consumers to vị shopping & entertainthemselves in a very modern và comfortable space, contributing to theimprovement of the life quality and bringing social facilities toresidents of Binh Duong Province and adjacent provinces. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Chairman of the Provincial
People’s Committee Le Thanh Cung stressed: this is breakthrough work inthe urban development program of the province.He also recomendedthat Becamex Corporation should continue lớn summarize the process ofinvestment project preparation, construction, management andexploitation of the project to use this experience in supportingother important works in the near future, serving the residentsbetter and particularly enhancing the implementation of the province’surbanization policy in the future.
Pictures above: Some of Becamex"sstaff và areas inside the shopping center.
Thus, from September 1st – also on the occasion of the National Day on
September 2, Binh Duong residents will have a new choice in shoppingand entertainment in a very modern & most luxurious space in
Binh Duong Province, integrating a lot of shopping, dining,entertainment services suitable for families và friends. Becamex Trade Center or Becamex Shopping Center as the area issometimes noted is located in Becamex Tower & consists of 5 floorswith a total area of nearly 12.500m2 and 100 departments/shops ofproduct sales. The ground floor is the area has shops for sale of perfume, cosmetics,glasses, shoes, handbags, & fashion for men. The first floor gathersfashion for both men and women, fashion accessories, sports clothingand dental services.The second floor is for fashion & toys forchildren, household appliances, interior decoration & Citimartsupermarket. The third floor includes food sales, entertainment forchildren & Big Market (Cho Lon) supermarket.The fourth floor isthe area of outdoor restaurant, cafeteria.
Picture above: Chris and Soraya
Runckel, President & VP of Runckel &Associates areseen with Paul Tonkes, Leasing manager, at the event
About Becamex Tower: Becamex Tower hasthe invested capital of over 500 billion VND, constructed in amodern way consisting of 25 floors with a total area of 50,000square meters including items such as the trade center, workingoffices, office for leaseand restaurant, bar services, etc.Becamex Tower will meet the needs for about 3,885 residents & about17,912 people working here as well as hundreds of thousands of touriststo visit, recreate và do shopping. Becamex Tower is a sub projectof the Becamex đô thị Center project with a total area of 6 hectaresbetween two backbone roads of Binh Duong Avenue and April 30 Street. Asdesigned, the Becamex đô thị Center project includes the trading streets,high grade apartments, offices, trade centers, hotels, restaurants,supermarkets, etc. Ourother related articles:

A project of Becamex city Centerinvested by Becamex IDC is considered as one of the province’s biggest projectsso far. On Sept. 1 ahead, Becamex IDC will inaugurate Becamex Towerproject và Becamex Plaza at Becamex đô thị Center.

New image for Thu Dau Mot urban area

Becamex city Center located on an areaof 6ha is between 2 key routes of Binh Duong Avenue và April 30. With adequateconveniences of trade area, hi-grade apartment area, office, trade center,hotel, restaurant, supermarket…, the project will be the first exemplary andmodern urban area in Binh Duong. According lớn the investor, the project willcomplete within 5 years with the investment capital of over VND2,5tril and 3phases of construction.

A corner of Becamex Plaza.

The project’s 1stphase includes Horizon hi-grade tenement và Becamex Toweroffice with an investment capital of over VND500bil. The second phase includes Sunrise hi-gradetenement, street house area along to Binh Duong Avenue và April 30 with an investmentcapital of VND600bil, the third phase consists of New-star trade area, Galaxyhi-grade apartment and khách sạn with a capital of VND1,4tril.

Along with the largescale, Becamex city Centeris designed modernly and harmoniously between construction architecture andnatural environment. Lớn ensure absolute chất lượng for the project, the investorchose 2 partners of Apave Group (France) & Savills Group (Hong Kong).

According to experts,unique characters of Becamex thành phố Centerare modern and traditional styles. As a complex area including offices,hi-grade apartments, trade areas & entertainment areas, Becamex thành phố Center has a 12,247sqmarea for natural space, accounting for 20% of planning area.

With the scope, Becamex city Centerwill be an attractive area, serving for about 3,885 residents & about 17,912employees as well as hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Highlights of Becamex Tower & Becamex Plaza

On Sept. 1 ahead,Becamex IDC will open Becamex Tower & Becamex Plaza. Under the project of Becamex thành phố Center,Becamex Tower has a total investment capital ofover VND500bil on an area of nearly 25,000sqm. The tower includes items oftrade center, offices, restaurants và bars…

Under Becamex Tower, Becamex Plazais considered as the first standard & luxurious trade center in the province.The plaza consists of services of shopping, entertainment, gastronomy with thetotal area of 12,500sqm & has about 100 stalls for famous trademarks of
Levi’s, Adidas, Kappa, Shiseido, Bourjois, L’Occitane, Clarins, Valentino
Creations, John Henry, N&M, Triumph, Vera, Minoshe, Jockey, Disney Baby,Transformers...

According to Becamex
IDC, inauguration of Becamex Plaza is a greatsignificance of building service chains of Becamex IDC in a bid khổng lồ offer a newchoice for local customers, contributing khổng lồ improve living standard and bringsocial conveniences for residents inside & outside the province.

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