BIG O Now Available

The fans have spoken! For 20trăng tròn, we have sầu created a new BIG O that combines a PC with a gaming console of your choice & the option to lớn add a capture card, all inside a compact case. This was created in response khổng lồ our 2019 Big O that we sent khổng lồ Unbox Therapy.

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When ORIGIN PC began in 2009 we phối out to build powerful PCs including the Big O: a custom gaming PC that included an Xbox 360 showcasing our customization prowess. In honor of our 10th Anniversary during 2019 and honoring the legacy of the Big O, we created an all-new Big O combining a powerful gaming PC with an Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Pro, & Nintendo Switch.

Creating a Gaming Juggernaut

Big O was a major undertaking from the ORIGIN PC team. Taking inspiration from previous custom builds, the Big O required extensive sầu chassis modifications. We removed the Xbox One X và PlayStation 4 Pro from their cases and put together a custom liquid cooling system to cool the consoles. We also build a custom Nintenvì Switch doông xã inkhổng lồ the front of the case supporting the original functionality of the doông chồng.

After creating a couple of concept designs and running multiple tests, we determined that it was actually possible to lớn fit all the consoles, a high-performance PC, & two different custom hard line loops in our GENESIS chassis. Additional hardware was added lớn the Big O including an Ethernet switch & USB 3.0 extension cables. As a bonus, we upgraded the consoles lớn feature 2TB SSDs for more storage và faster game load times.

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All For One

The finished Big O features a PC, Xbox One X, và PlayStation 4 Pro cooled by a custom CRYOGENIC hard line liquid cooling system controlled by the PC. A Nintenvì Switch doông chồng is accessible via the front of the system just by opening the front panel, and just like a normal dochồng, you are không lấy phí khổng lồ remove the console at any time. At the rear of the system, there are individual USB 3.0 ports per console, a single HDMI port connected to a 4K HDXiaoMI switch, and an ethernet port lớn go online on all the systems.

For PC gameplay, connect to lớn the liquid cooled NVIDIA TITAN RTX GPU and enjoy PC games with a 144Hz monitor. Even control the RGB lighting in Big O via the software installed on the PC.


Custom For All

The all-new Big O was a true undertaking from the ORIGIN PC team from beginning khổng lồ end. Big O represents our commitment khổng lồ continue building custom systems for years to lớn come.

Case: Custom ORIGIN PC GENESIS with RGB LightingSide Panels: Tempered Glass with HD UV PrintingMounting: Standard Orientation with Vertical GPU MountMotherboard: MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKECPU: Hãng sản xuất Intel bộ vi xử lý Core i9-9900KGPU: NVIDIA TITAN RTXRAM: 64GB CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB (4x16)OS Drive: 2x 2TB Samsung 970 EVO NVMeStorage Drive: 14TB Seagate BarraCudaCooling: Custom CRYOGENIC Hard Line Liquid CoolingFans: CORSAIR RGB Fansnguồn Supply: 1000W EVGA SuperNOVA G3Add-on Card: Elgalớn trò chơi Capture 4K60 ProOperating System: Windows 10
Xbox One X MotherboardCustom CRYOGENIC Hard Line Liquid Cooling2TB Seagate Barracudomain authority SATA SSDOriginal Operating System, Digital Only
PlayStation 4 Pro MotherboardCustom CRYOGENIC Hard Line Liquid Cooling2TB Seagate Barracuda SATA SSDOriginal Operating System, Digital Only