Developer: Arc System WorksRelease date: 2017Platform: Windows (PC) Genre: FightingVersion: 2.01 + DLC

BlazBlue: Central Fiction, released in Japan as BlazBlue: Centralfiction (ブレイブルー セントラルフィクション BureiBurū: Sentorarufikushon) is a 2-D fighting video clip game developed by Arc System Works. It is the fourth game in the BlazBlue series, và is mix after the events of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma. It is also the final game with Ragmãng cầu as the main protagonist. and serves as the conclusion of the Azure Saga that began in Calamity Trigger.

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Aksys Games confirmed that Central Fiction will not be receiving an English dub, making it the first BlazBlue title that was not dubbed at launch. In wake of the news that Central Fiction would not be dubbed, fans created a petition requesting an English dub via DLC.


Central Fiction"s story mode is over 40 hours long with extra arcade mode stories separated inkhổng lồ three acts.


Further information: List of BlazBlue characters § Playable in BlazBlue: Central Fiction

All 28 fighters from BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extkết thúc return in Central Fiction. This brings the total roster to 36 playable fighters. Characters introduced in Central Fiction include:

Hibiki Kohaku: Kagura"s assistant. He is a thành viên of a clan of assassins và was raised to serve sầu Kagura. Originally seen as a loyal servant, he is actually a disturbed person whose desire is lớn kill Kagura và become a truly emotionless killer.

Naolớn Kurogane: The main protagonist of Bloodedge Experience. He appears in Central Fiction due to Raquel sending him into the current timeline of BlazBlue where he died apparently to save their world.

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Nine the Phantom: The witch và one of the Six Heroes and the trùm of "Act I: Phantom of Labyrinth".

Hades Izanami: One of the main villains of the series. She is the one who commands Terungươi và Relius, used Saya as a vessel who is also a living doll forged by Relius & is the manifestation of the girl inside Amaterasu"s "Drive".

Introduced in console release

Es: One of the main characters of the XBLaser spinoff series.

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Mai Natsume: The main protagonist of the Rephối Heart & its sequel Variable Heart manga.

Susano"o: Yuki Terumi after becoming one with the Susano"o unit & his original khung. He is a secret character unlocked by completing the story.

Jubei: One of the Six Heroes, he is the father of Kokonoe, & the husbvà of Nine. He was the mentor of Ragmãng cầu và Jin and is a cát beastkin. He was released on August 31st 2017 for North America & nhật bản, and September 4th 2017 for EU.


Following the gameplay from BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extover, there are additional changes & new mechanics. The Overdrive sầu activation"s duration is now shown under the Burst Gauge in the form of a countdown timer (which counts seconds và split-seconds); The character portrait near the health bar shakes when taking damage; và each character"s emblem appears on their side when the phrase "The Wheel of Fate is Turning" shows at the start of the first Rebel. The new gameplay mechanics are: Exceed Accel, a special type of Distortion Drive, which is executed a same input as Overdrive activation by holding it during Overdrive activation, or pressing it, begins with the character performing a specific attachồng in their move-set, & once it connects the rest of the background shatters away into lớn the Overdrive background effect when the attachồng is performed. It dishes large damage, but immediately ends Overdrive; và Active sầu Flow, which acts as the opposite of Negative sầu Penalty status. A character that fights offensively goes into an Active Flow, which boosts damage and recovery of the Burst Gauge. Active Flow also increases the damage of Exceed Accel (for some it may add extra effects và animations). When a character enters Active Flow, his/her emblem on the health bar becomes purple pink. The purple pink color itself is also shown surrounding the Overdrive sầu Gauge, when a character is cđại bại khổng lồ entering Active sầu Flow. A character can only enter Active Flow once per round.


The game was released for the arcades on November 19, 2015, with a location chạy thử having been done in mid-July of that year.. A console version was released in Japan on October 6, năm nhâm thìn, in North America on November 1, năm nhâm thìn, & Europe on November 4, 2016 for the PlayStation 3 & the PlayStation 4, both physically & digitally. Aksys Games has confirmed a limited edition for North American markets which includes a soundtraông chồng disc, a nendoroid figure & a hardcover art book.

A Steam port was released on April 26, 2017.


Aggregate reviewer Metacritic gave BlazBlue: Central Fiction an 84 out of 100 citing generally positive Đánh Giá from websites. Famitsu gave sầu BlazBlue: Central Fiction a 34/40 for both the PlayStation 4 và PlayStation 3 versions. Chris Carter of Destructoid gave the title an 8.5/10 while complimenting the impressive amount of effort with few problems for a nibịt game. Filippo Facchetti of Eurogame thủ gave sầu Central Fiction a 9/10 recommending players who love fighting games and/or anime to lớn buy the title.