This tutorial shows how to draw the full female anime body. It provide suggestions for what proportions you should use along with detailed step by step drawing examples.

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Anime girl full body drawing step by step

You can see the main stages of the drawing in the preview example above. There are also many more illustrations throughout the tutorial that provide the proportions & close up examples of the smaller parts of the body (to make them easier to see).

Please chú ý that this particular guide is for an average looking high school or adult anime/manga female. The proportions for kids are generally different.

If you are going to be following along it’s recommended that you make the drawing as large as you can to lớn make it easier to địa chỉ the small details. Unless drawing digitally start in pencil and make very light lines that you can easily erase as you will need to vì so in some of the steps.

Step 1 – Draw the Head

Anime girl body head drawing

First draw a straight vertical line through the middle of your drawing area. This will act as a guide lớn help insure that the body is not skewed khổng lồ one side. As the drawing is symmetrical the line can also help you see if both halves of it are even in width.

Towards the upper kết thúc of this line draw the head. Place it in a way where you have bit of room at the đứng top (if you wish to địa chỉ cửa hàng the hair) and plenty of room at the bottom for the rest of the body.

Anime girl head structure drawing

To make it easier to lớn structure the head you can first draw a circle for it’s upper part & then showroom the lower part onto that as shown in the example above. You can erase the lower part of the circle once done.

As this is an anime character be sure to make the lower half of the head quite small and give it a fairly pointy chin.

Anime girl ear placement drawing

To add the ears position them roughly a quarter way up from the bottom of the chin.

Please note that you can also draw the ears later if you plan to địa chỉ the rest of the facial features.

Step 2 – Draw the Body

Anime girl toàn thân drawing

Going down from the head địa chỉ cửa hàng the neck và body. However, before you start with this part of the drawing you should read the explanation below.

Anime girl height body toàn thân proportions drawing

One way to lớn measure the overall kích thước of the toàn thân (with the legs) is in relation to lớn the head. In this particular drawing it will be six và a half heads high. As mentioned at the start of the tutorial these kinds of proportions can work quite well for some of the more common/average female anime characters such as high school students & adults.

You may notice that in the above illustration the feet go slightly past the bottom of the measuring line. This is not a mistake but is done to trương mục for “eye level”.

For more on eye màn chơi see the following tutorial:

Perspective Drawing Tutorial for Beginners và How it Relates to Anime

In this example the feet are well below the cấp độ of the viewers eyes so they will appear khổng lồ go farther down than they actually are. Measuring the height from the tips of the toes to the đứng đầu of the head would be similar lớn measuring your height by stretching a measuring tape from the tips of your toes lớn the center of the vị trí cao nhất of your head. The measurement wold be off.

To get the correct measurement in this case you would want khổng lồ estimate where the heels start and go from there (as is done in the example).

Please note that these are just recommendations for getting a generic anime look. The proportions of anime characters can vary depending on many factors including the style of the artist.

Anime girl toàn thân drawing step by step

For the actual process of drawing the toàn thân start with the neck & shoulders. Afterwards outline each of the sides leaving openings between them and the shoulders for the arms. Overall the body should be shaped a bit like an hourglass where it’s narrower near the middle và gets wider as it goes up và down.

Step 3 – Draw the Upper Part of the Legs

Anime girl body toàn thân upper legs drawing

For this step địa chỉ the upper parts of the legs as shown above. You will want make these wider at the top and narrower as they go down with a bit of a curve in the overall shape of each of them. However, you will again first want lớn read the explanation below before drawing.

Anime girl body proportions drawing

In the above example you can see that the legs are roughly as long as the head and body combined and that the knees are positioned about halfway between the bottom of the body and the bottoms of the feet. Be sure khổng lồ keep these relations in mind when you draw.

Step 4 – Draw the Lower Part of the Legs

Anime girl toàn thân lower legs drawing

Draw the lower part of the legs in a way where they first get wider as they go down and then get narrower towards the feet. The part where they get narrower as they go down should be taller than the part where they get wider.

Step 5 – Draw the Feet

Anime girl toàn thân feet drawing

Before adding the feet draw what looks lượt thích a pair of bumps on each side of each leg to lớn show the bones that stick out in those areas.

Going down from the “bumps” outline the feet with their shapes getting wider towards the bottom. At this stage draw the toes as one combined shape that’s a bit narrower than the foot (you can see a larger drawing of the feet at the kết thúc of step 9).

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When done with this step be sure to kiểm tra your proportions so that they match what was described earlier.

Step 6 – Draw the Upper Part of the Arms

Anime girl body toàn thân upper arms drawing

Coming out of the openings between the shoulders and body địa chỉ the upper parts of the arms. However, once again you should read below before you start drawing.

Anime girl arm proportions drawing

It’s a bit difficult lớn measure the proportions of the arms. Generally you can make the area from roughly the end of the curve of the shoulder to the part where the arm bends the same length as from the bend khổng lồ the wrist.

When you draw make the upper part of each arm slightly narrower as it goes down.

Step 7 – Draw the Lower Part of the Arms

Anime girl body toàn thân lower arms drawing

Draw the lower parts of the arms similar to lớn the lower part of the legs where they first get wider as they go down và then get narrower again. The wrists should reach khổng lồ about the bottom of the body. As in this case the arms are held slightly to lớn the sides they will be a little bit higher up.

Step 8 – Draw the Hands

Anime girl toàn thân hands drawing

Outline the overall shape of each hand without the smaller details (these will be added later on). In this case the hands will be closed into fists but not clenched. Instead they will point slightly outwards lớn create a somewhat feminine pose.

Step 9 – Draw the Smaller Parts of the Body

Anime girl body toàn thân details drawing

Once you have the overall shape of the body toàn thân outlined you can add some of the larger details.

Anime girl chest drawing step by step

Start with the chest area by adding the collar bones and the breasts as shown above. Draw the collar bones with a little bit of a gap between their inner ends và with their outer ends pointing towards the shoulders.

Draw the breasts just slightly overlapping the sides of the body. You can erase a little bit of the body’s outline when adding them in.

Anime girl knees drawing

Add the knees by drawing them slightly closer to lớn the inner ends of the legs as shown above.

Anime girl body toàn thân small details drawing

For the next phối of details địa chỉ cửa hàng those of the hands & feet (the fingers & toes).

Anime girl hands drawing step by step

You can see a step by step breakdown of drawing the fingers above. First outline the thumb & the index finger & then show just a int of the other fingers and the palm.

Anime girl toes drawing

When drawing the details of the feet you use the outline from the earlier step as a guide & then draw the individual toes inside it as shown above.

Anime girl toenails drawing

Once you have the toes drawn out you can add the toenails as shown above. Be sure lớn draw the big toenail slightly higher in relation lớn it’s toe than the rest to show that the big toe is thicker.

Step 10 – Draw the Face, Hair và Clothes

As the focus of the tutorial on the toàn thân drawing the face, hair, swimsuit và shading is optional and will not be covered in very great detail.

Anime girl body toàn thân face drawing

If you bởi vì with lớn draw the above mentioned items you can start with the face and head.

Anime girl face proportions drawing

You can see the proportions for this particular character shown above. Place the facial features as follows:

Eyes – slightly below the horizontal halfway point of the faceEyebrows – a little bit above the eyesEyelids – between the eyebrows và the eyes (closer to the eyes)Nose – halfway between the vị trí cao nhất of the eyes and the bottom of the headSlightly above the halfway point between the nose and the bottom of the head

For a step by step guide on drawing an anime face you can see the following tutorial:

How to lớn Draw an Anime Girl’s Head and Face

Anime girl hair drawing

For adding the hair you will want to draw it over vị trí cao nhất of the head starting with the part shown in red (front section), followed by the green (side sections) & blue (top/background section).

You can erase the parts of the head covered by it once done.

For an explanation of this drawing approach as well as examples of other hairstyles see the following tutorial:

How to Draw Anime và Manga Hair – Female

Anime girl toàn thân swimsuit drawing

To finish you can địa chỉ cửa hàng a fairly simple swimsuit as shown above. As swimsuits of this type are generally fairly tight most of it’s shape will be defined by the body. You can simply outline the openings for the neck, arms & legs. You can also give the swimsuit a bit of shading (or color) khổng lồ make it stand out more.


Drawing the full body toàn thân of an anime character such as this one can be a challenge if you don’t know how to lớn go about it. However, by following the guide outlined in this tutorial you can make the process much easier. The most important thing khổng lồ keep in mind when drawing the body is the form size of each part in relation lớn the others. Especially the larger body toàn thân parts such as the head, main body, arms & legs. If the the proportions on these are incorrect the rest of your drawing won’t look right no matter how much effort you put into the smaller details.

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