the process of earning an official document, or the act of providing an official document, as proof that something has happened or been done:
Fairtrade is a certification that guarantees producers in the developing world are paid a fair price for their crops.

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proof or a document proving that someone is qualified for a particular job, or that something is of good quality:
< C > Adult workers are increasingly going baông chồng to lớn school for a degree or certification to improve sầu their job opportunities.
the process of giving official or legal approval lớn a person, company, sản phẩm, etc. that has reached a particular standard:
certification in sth The new division received $10,000 in training funds that will help staff gain certification in insurance procedures.

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certification as sth Our products were awarded certification as compliant with all the relevant standards.
We acknowledge, secondly, that greater quality, certifications, audits and so on will entail additional costs for our farmers, particularly the smaller ones.
Both experience difficulties in their export trade, which seem to stem largely from the non-acceptability of standards, marking schemes and certifications which relate lớn standards.
Certifications of deaths in 1993 và 1994 which could have sầu been due to external causes are all being examined và re-coded as necessary.
However, its consequence is that there are likely khổng lồ be any number of trivial certifications of minor closures.
Two were refused permission on the papers, one was refused after an oral hearing, and no substantive hearings have challenged those certifications.
Deaths from pneumoconiosis exceeded 800; new certifications in respect of pneumoconiosis numbered about 4,000.
The amount spent so far on generic work —that is, work on the issues comtháng lớn all the certifications—is just under £0.9 million.
The mortality rate for pneumoconiosis was over 800, và new certifications were in the region of 4,000.
The flexible guarantee forecasts, which are published quarterly, relate to a band of certifications & do not give precise numbers.
Is it ensured, for example, that the training of the staff, the certifications and the working conditions are properly monitored?
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If a strike by residents were prolonged or if it backfired và resulted in their dismissal, the strike might interfere with their board certification.
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