The copy và paste functionality on app android smartphones might seem to lớn be a "one-time" thing. Once you copy a snippet of text, you need khổng lồ paste it before copying or cutting another. If you don"t, you won"t have access to lớn it anymore.

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Also, if you copy text and turn your phone off before pasting, the text will disappear into thin air.

This is because app android smartphones save copied text to RAM (Random Access Memory), a short-term type of memory.

But there"s a way to lớn access the clipboard on your android phone & see those copied items – và that"s what this tutorial is all about.

How khổng lồ Access the Clipboard on an android Phone

You can get access khổng lồ the clipboard in two ways: the first is through Gboard, a keyboard phầm mềm by Google. The second is by using clipper, a third-party tiện ích that lets you manage copied items in a slightly more efficient way.

Google has banned third-party clipboard managers for apk 10 & above due khổng lồ security reasons, so the guides in this tutorial will be based on using Gboard to access and clear the clipboard.

How to download and thiết đặt Gboard

Step 1: download Gboard

First of all, you need to tải về Gboard from the Google PlayStore by typing "Gboard" on the search bar và tapping the tìm kiếm icon.

Install the phầm mềm and open it. In my case, I have it installed already, và it looks like this:


Step 2: Configure the Gboard App

After opening the application, you need khổng lồ go through some basic configurations khổng lồ get it up and running.

The first thing you need to bởi vì is select Gboard in your language và input settings. The app will prompt you to bởi vì this.

If it doesn"t (on very rare occasions), go khổng lồ settings, tap System, click on "Languages & Input", tap "Virtual keyboard", then select Gboard.


Step 3: phối Gboard as your mặc định Keyboard

Next, you will be prompted to lớn select Gboard as your mặc định keyboard. Click on input Method and choose Gboard in the modal that pops up next.



That"s all you need khổng lồ configure. Tap Done lớn start using Gboard.


How to lớn Access the Clipboard on Android

To get access to lớn the clipboard functionality of Gboard, open a chú ý app or any other phầm mềm you want to type in.

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Sometimes you will see the clipboard icon right away in the menu alongside settings, GIF, và others. But if you don"t see the icon, tap the three dots at the right lớn reveal the hidden icons. There you will see the clipboard icon.

You can choose to lớn keep using it lượt thích that, or you can tap, hold, và drag the clipboard icon to the main menu as shown in the screenshot below.


How khổng lồ Turn Clipboard On

By default, the clipboard functionality is turned off. You can turn it on by clicking on the glider icon at the right & tapping "Turn on Clipboard":


Immediately after that, you will see some mặc định items on the clipboard. They are instructions on how khổng lồ use the clipboard functionality provided by Gboard.

To paste the items, simply tap on them, as I have done below:


How to lớn Copy with Clipboard

To start copying & pasting, type your own text, hold và drag the ends lớn the where you want to lớn start and end, then tap "Copy", or "Cut", as the case may be.


How khổng lồ Paste with Clipboard

To paste the copied text, check your clipboard to reveal the copied snippet(s). The recently copied snippets should be under the "Recent Items" tab.

Tap on the công trình to paste it in any text editor you want, whether it"s Note, Messages, or social truyền thông websites.


How to lớn Clear the Clipboard on Android

You can clear the items on your clipboard with Gboard in two ways.

Option 1 to Clear the Clipboard

Open the clipboard, tap and hold the item, và click on delete. You have to bởi this for each item.


Option 2 to lớn Clear the Clipboard

Open the clipboard, click the pencil icon on the right-hand side, select all the items, and click the trash icon.


How to Pin an thắng lợi to the Clipboard

Please lưu ý that any thành tích copied with GBoard disappears after one hour. Khổng lồ stop this from happening, you need to pin the copied item.

To sạc pin a snippet, open the clipboard, tap & hold the snippet of text, & click pin.

To sạc a group of snippets, tap the pencil icon, select the items lớn pin, and click the sạc icon.


I hope this tutorial helps you access the app android clipboard & effectively manage it. Thank you for reading & have a good time.