The VING project (“VING”) is committed to lớn operating with the highest ethical standards và appropriate internal controls. We are also committed to lớn providing better service to Our members. Our Privacy Policy applies khổng lồ all users of www.VING (the “Website”). VING’s Terms of Use (“Terms”) is incorporated herein by reference. All defined terms in the Privacy Policy shall have the same meaning as defined in the Terms. VING adheres to lớn the following policies with regards lớn Your privacy.

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1. Definitions

A. “Non-Personal Information” is information that is in no way personally identifiable và that is obtained automatically through Your simple use of the trang web with a website browser or the Service.

B. “Personally Identifiable Information” is non-public information that is personally identifiable & obtained in connection with You providing information related to lớn the Service. It may include information such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address or any other information You provide us.

2. Information Collected

When You enter the Website, We collect Non-Personal Information such as Your browser type và IP address. We may also collect Personally Identifiable Information about You from the following sources:

• Information You give us; or • Information You send us via any medium, including, but not limited to, SMS (text messages), mail, telephone, & social media interaction; or • If You use a mobile device platform khổng lồ access the Services or communicate with VING, information transmitted from Your sản phẩm điện thoại device

A. Registration

In order to lớn become a registered kết thúc user/member (as defined in the Terms), You must provide us the following information khổng lồ create an account: name, age/date of birth and email address, and if required, address, name of school và English teacher name. VING may request other information from You during or after the registration process that VING uses to lớn provide the Service. You acknowledge that this information is personal khổng lồ You, và by creating an account on VING, You may allow others, including VING, to identify You and to allow VING to use Your information in accordance with the Terms.

B. Additional Information

Once You become a Member, You may provide additional information khổng lồ VING related lớn Your account, the Service, or promotions by VING or its affiliates.

C. Using Third tiệc nhỏ Services và Visiting Third các buổi tiệc nhỏ Sites

Information You provide khổng lồ third-party sites/websites through the Service are not within the control of VING & You provide such information at Your own risk. The terms & conditions of use & the privacy policies of those websites that You provide information to lớn through the Service will govern their use of such information. Any information You tóm tắt with a third-party site through the Service will be collected by VING. VING will use such information in compliance with this Privacy Policy.

D. Use of Cookies

The website may send a “cookie” lớn Your computer. A cookie is a small piece of data that is sent lớn Your browser from a website server and stored on Your computer’s hard drive. A cookie cannot read data off Your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites. Cookies vì chưng not damage Your system. Cookies allow us to lớn recognize You as a user when You return to lớn the VING trang web using the same computer & web browser. We use cookies khổng lồ identify which areas of Our site You have visited, so the next time You visit the Website, those pages may be readily accessible. We also may use this information to lớn better personalize the content that You see on the Website. Most browser software can be set to reject Cookies. However, if You reject Our Cookies, certain functionality on the website may not work correctly or at all. We vị not liên kết Non-Personal Information from Cookies to Your Personally Identifiable Information.

E. Log files, IP Addresses & information about Your computer và mobile device

Due khổng lồ the communications standards on the internet, when You visit the trang web We automatically receive the URL of the website from which You came and the Website to lớn which You are going when You leave VING’s Site. VING also receives the internet protocol (“IP”) address of Your computer (or the proxy hệ thống You use lớn access the World Wide Web), Your computer operating system & type of website browser You are using, Your điện thoại device (including Your UDID) và mobile operating system (if You are accessing the trang web using a thiết bị di động device), as well as the name of Your ISP or Your điện thoại carrier. VING may also receive location data passed to it from third-party services or GPS-enabled devices that You have enabled. VING receives information when You access third-party website pages through the Service. The links between Your IP address & Your personally identifiable information is not shared with third parties without Your permission, except as described in Section 7.B. (compliance with legal process), below.

3. Exemptions from Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy does not apply to any information You may send khổng lồ VING by thư điện tử or instant messaging programs (i.e. AOL, Yahoo, etc.), as email and instant messages are not recognized as secure communication forms. As such, We request that You vị not send any information, which You consider private, lớn us by thư điện tử or instant message. Furthermore, Our Privacy Policy does not apply to any information You post lớn other websites (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), due khổng lồ the public nature of such postings.

4. Use of Personally Identifiable Information

VING uses and/or intends to use Personal Information to:

• Operate và improve the Website and the Service; • Track use of the Service; • Provide customer support; • Communicate and provide additional information that may be of interest lớn Members through thư điện tử or other means; • Send You reminders, technical notices, updates, security alerts and support and administrative messages; & • Manage the Website, such as Site administration, forum management, fulfillment, analytics, fraud prevention, enforcement of Our Terms of Use, or khổng lồ comply with the law.

5. Links/Postings khổng lồ Other Sites

The trang web may contain liên kết to other websites. VING is not responsible for the actions, practices, or nội dung of such websites linked khổng lồ or from the website and/or the Service. You understand that such websites may have their own legal documents khổng lồ which You must agree to prior to lớn using và that We have no control over these legal documents. As always, You understand that it is Your responsibility khổng lồ verify Your legal use of a website as well as use of information from the website with the corresponding website owner

6. Use of Aggregate Data

VING may combine Non-Personal Information You provide through the trang web with information from other users to lớn create aggregate data that may be used for internal purposes. Aggregate information does not contain any information that could be used to lớn identify You and does not include Your personal tương tác information. VING will not disclose Your Personally-Identifiable Information to any third buổi tiệc nhỏ without Your prior permission, except as otherwise permitted by this Privacy Policy.

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7. When We May Disclose Your Information

Except as mix forth below or as specifically agreed to lớn by You, VING will not disclose any Personally Identifiable Information as gathered from You on the Website.

A. We may tóm tắt Personally Identifiable information in limited fashion lớn Our contractors và service providers that perform services on Our behalf, including, but not limited to, operation of the trang web technology, kinh doanh and other related services. These contractors may not use any of your information for any purpose external to lớn the Website. Access lớn Your Personally Identifiable Information by such contractors & service providers is limited lớn the information reasonably necessary for the contractor to lớn perform its limited function for VING. We also contractually require that such contractors and service providers: 1) protect the privacy of Your Personally Identifiable Information consistent with this Privacy Policy, and 2) not use or disclose Your Personally Identifiable Information for any purpose other than as required by law.

B. We may cốt truyện Personally Identifiable information We collect when required or advised to vày so in response khổng lồ a valid legal requirement to release this information such as a state or federal law, regulation, tìm kiếm warrant, subpoena, or court order; or (2) in special cases, such as in response to a physical threat to You or others, to protect property, or defend or assert legal rights, to lớn defend ourselves in litigation. In the sự kiện that We are legally compelled to disclose Your Personally Identifiable information lớn a third party, We will attempt to lớn notify You unless doing so would violate the law or court order.

8. Security Policy & User ID/Password

Our site utilizes various information security measures such as internet firewalls, an intrusion detection system, encrypted data transmission, và operating procedures to lớn protect Your personal data, accounts, passwords, etc. This information is kept completely separate and confidential, unless You have given someone-else Your user ID and password. As such, You should protect Your user ID & password & NOT mô tả it with anyone. If You believe Your user ID and password have been compromised, please liên hệ Our technical support department so they can issue You a new user ID/password (privacy

On Saturday 6th May 2023, millions of people from around the world will watch the coronation of King Charles III. Adhering to the traditional mode of coronation transport, a horse-drawn carriage, His Majesty & Queen Camilla will travel from Buckingham Palace to lớn Westminster Abbey & back again with a collective force of 14 horses, plenty of footmen & a load of horse poo. Seems like a lot of hassle, right?

Here"s why King Charles III should consider riding a at his coronation



Popularised by James Watt in the late 18th century to market his steam engine, horsepower was used to lớn compare the output đầu ra of steam engines khổng lồ the power of draft horses, which were the primary source of power at the time. Watt determined that his steam engines could perform the same amount of work as several horses, with more control and efficiency, và less need for feeding & rest. Watt"s pitch worked as the industrial revolution accelerated greatly with the Watt steam engine. 

Now, we don"t want to be các buổi tiệc nhỏ poopers (though the horses clearly do). Horses are wonderful, hardworking creatures và the centuries-old carriages are steeped in tradition. But lượt thích Watt some 250 years ago, we think it"s time for a move away from four hoofs. We believe The King"s Procession should take place on electric motorcycles. 

After all, wouldn"t King Charles look magnificent on a


Let"s breakdown some stats:

Draft RM1
Average weight: 450kg
Top speed: 30mph
Range: 20-30 minutes before needing a rest
Average weight: 123kg (dual batteries) Top speed: 45mph Range: up lớn 80 miles

This shows that, even if a horse gallops consistently at 30mph for 30 minutes, it will have only made up 15 miles before needing to lớn take a rest. Further, a doesn"t need feeding, doesn"t leave a nasty mess on the floor and doesn"t have a mind of its own. 

Using data, we can clearly see that the RM1 is a lighter, faster and more efficient way khổng lồ ride.


Of course, we don"t expect Charles và Camilla khổng lồ gallop 30mph on horseback down The Mall, especially when we apply the findings from a recent study that suggests horse riding is more dangerous than motorcycling.

It wouldn"t make sense for a start: the tốc độ limit on The Mall is 20mph và a slow travel speed at a royal procession allows spectators to soak in the spectacle. It is, therefore, a sensible option to lớn travel on a horse-drawn carriage. But we still feel it"s too much hassle.

Let"s take a closer look.


The couple will be travelling from Buckingham Palace khổng lồ Westminster Abbey in the impressive đá quí Jubilee Stage Coach. While it does have some surprising up-to-date modifications, such as air conditioning và electric windows, it requires 6 horses to lớn carry the 2.75 tons coach along the 1.3 mile journey và 8 more lớn get them back again. địa chỉ cửa hàng to that weeks of "crowd training" to prepare the horses for the thousands of cheering spectators, a team of backups, a squad of footmen khổng lồ direct the carriage & a load of smelly horse mess, and suddenly a horse-drawn carriage seems like a less desirable mode of transport. RM1

In Drive Mode 3, the couple would be restricted to lớn 20mph, meaning they"d be in no danger of breaking the speed limit. With a max weight of 123kg, the electric motorcycle requires no four-legged assistance to lớn get moving. A next-generation powertrain developed in collaboration with Bosch và a simple twist-and-go throttle makes the bike smooth khổng lồ ride and easy lớn operate. All Charles và Camilla would need to lớn step onto a is a CBT (or higher). With no oil, no chain, no petrol and certainly no smelly mess, the RM1 is clean & requires no feeding. Plus, if the batteries need charging before the royal couple head back khổng lồ Buckingham Palace, they can simply charge from a plug socket in Westminster Abbey (there"s bound khổng lồ be at least one in there, right?).


At, we know heritage. Our team of engineers have been responsible for some of the most revered motorbikes of the last 25 years. They"ve done their 10,000 hours - và then some.

We have designed a beautiful, "old-meets-new" motorcycle with the appearance of a mid-twentieth century café racer, and the power nguồn of tomorrow. 

Saturday"s coronation is set to be modernised to lớn reflect the monarchy"s present day role but will retain the "longstanding traditions và pageantry" seen at Queen Elizabeth"s coronation in 1953.

Surely then, The RM1 is the perfect vehicle to represent Britain as a nation with rich heritage, timeless elegance and innovative craftsmanship.