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Dividend (Econ) Cổ tức.

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+ Phần trả mang lại cổ đông bên dưới dạng chi phí hay CP.
dividkết thúc /"dividend/ danh từ
(tân oán học) số bị chia, chiếc bị chia (tài chính) tiền lãi cổ phầnsố bị chiasự đoán nhậnphần được trảsố bị chiatiền lãi cổ phầnaccrued cumulative sầu dividendcổ tức (chưa trả) cần trảaccrued cumulative dividendcổ tức lũy tích nên tínhaccumulated dividendcổ tức tích điểm (chưa chia)accumulated dividendcổ tức tích tụaccumulated dividendchi phí lãi tất cả phần được tích lũyasset dividendcổ tức (bằng) hiện vậtaverage dividendmức lãi CP trung bìnhaverage dividendtỉ lệ lãi chu kỳ luân hồi bình quânbogus dividendcổ tức giảbond dividendcống phẩm trái phiếubonus dividendcổ tức phân chia thêmbonus dividendcổ tức thườngbonus dividendcổ tức thưởngbonus dividendtiền trả thêmcash dividendcổ tức bởi tiềncommon dividendcổ phiếu thườngcomtháng dividendcổ tứcconstructive sầu dividendcổ tức suy địnhcontractual dividendcổ tức ước địnhcontractual dividendtiền lời cổ phần theo vẻ ngoài vừa lòng đồngcum dividendcó kèm cổ tức. cum dividendcổ tức kèm theocum dividendcủa cả cổ tứccum dividendcủa cả lãicum dividendcủa cả lãi cổ phầncum dividendlãi phiếu kèm theocumulative sầu dividendcổ tức cùng dồncumulative dividendcổ tức tích lũydebenture dividendcổ tức nợdeclaration of dividendtuyên ổn ba cổ tức

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Từ điển Collocation

dividend noun

1 payment on a company nội dung

ADJ. high | 10%, etc. | fixed | increased | gross, total | net | expected a method of valuing shares based on expected dividends | annual, quarterly | interim | final | company | giới thiệu Investors will still pay tax on their foreign chia sẻ dividends. | cash

VERB + DIVIDEND pay | receive sầu | announce, declare The company has not yet declared its dividends for this year. | recommend The board has recommended a final dividend of 6 pence per cốt truyện. | boost, increase, lift, raise | hold, maintain The interyên ổn dividover is maintained at 2.5 cents per share. | cut, reduce, slash | pass During that time, dividends were cut or passed (= not paid) and there were plenty of closures.

DIVIDEND + VERB be up The dividover is up 10.6% lớn 11.3p. | go up, grow, jump, rise The dividend should jump khổng lồ 5p. | stay The dividend stays at 0.5p. | be payable The final dividend, payable on July 1, is reduced to 1p.

DIVIDEND + NOUN payment, payout | growth, increase | cut | income, total, yield | policy

PREPhường. ~ on They have announced the quarterly dividkết thúc on the shares.

PHRASES an increase in a dividend

2 benefit/reward

ADJ. considerable, enormous, great, handsome, rich | economic

VERB + DIVIDEND bring, pay, produce, reap, yield Her hard work paid dividends when she won the school nhảy competition. The company reaped rich dividends with its new strategy for packaging holidays.

PREP.. ~ in The chain"s investment in new stores is bringing dividends in new customers.

Từ điển WordNet


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that part of the earnings of a corporation that is distributed khổng lồ its shareholders; usually paid quarterlya number to lớn be divided by another numbera bonus; something extra (especially a cốt truyện of a surplus)

Bloomberg Financial Glossary

股息|红利|摊还债款股息;紅利;攤還債款A portion of a company"s profit paid to common and preferred shareholders. A stochồng selling for $đôi mươi a chia sẻ with an annual dividover of $1 a cốt truyện yields the investor 5%.

Investopedia Financial Terms

1. A distribution of a portion of a company"s earnings, decided by the board of directors, khổng lồ a class of its shareholders. The dividkết thúc is most often quotedin terms of the dollar amount each nội dung receives (dividends per share). It can also be quoted in terms of a percent of the current market price, referred lớn as dividkết thúc yield.Also referred lớn as "Dividend Per Share (DPS)."2. Mandatory distributions of income and realized capital gains made to lớn mutualfund investors.
1. Dividends may be in the form of cash, stoông xã or property. Most secure & stable companies offer dividends to their stockholders. Their tóm tắt prices might not move much, but the dividend attempts to biến hóa for this.High-growth companiesrarely offer dividends because all of their profits are reinvested lớn help sustain higher-than-average growth.2. Mutual funds pay out interest and dividover income received from their portfolio holdings as dividends khổng lồ fund shareholders. In addition, realized capital gains from the portfolio"s trading activities are generally paid out (capital gains distribution) as a year-kết thúc dividkết thúc.
Cum DividendDeclaration DateDividkết thúc Payout RatioDividover Rollover PlanDividend YieldEqualizing DividendEx-DateEx-DividendPayment DateRecord Date