Practice ending sounds while teaching kindergarten readers in small groups. Here are my favorite miễn phí ending sounds activities for kindergarten.

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During my guided reading sessions, I usually lượt thích to plan a warm-up activity that works on a skill my kindergartners need.

Sometimes that’s working on alphabet identification, isolating beginning sounds, or even segmenting & blending orally.

So I wanted to round up my favorite activities that focus on ending sounds for you.

These printables và games are all free and while I didn’t make them, I bởi recommend them! They stayed tucked away in myclutter-free filing cabinet until group time.

Be sure students have the skill of segmenting và blending onset and rime orally first before trying khổng lồ isolate the ending sound.

Ending sounds activities

Here are 6materials to lớn work on isolating ending sounds with kindergarten students.


This is by far my go-to resource that I used during group lessons to lớn work on isolating individual letter sounds.

While it works for sounds in all three positions of CVC words, when I use the traffic light CVC word cards, it gives me flexibility.

Here are two ways khổng lồ use these:

Show students picture cards (not included in this file) và they write the correct letter sound in the red light spot.The teacher reads the word thẻ aloud. Students write the ending sound in the red light và then the teacher reveals the card so students can see if they got a match.

If students could isolate & produce the ending sound, but not write the correct letter, we’d have an alphabet chart nearby for support.


Use structured word cards to lớn help break words into their individual sounds.

Using these feelin’ crabby cards, students move along a gameboard that gives purpose to all of the ending sounds practice.

I would just make students identify aloud the ending sound (just the sound produced, not the letter name).

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Handy printable cards like in this ending sound video clip activity reminds me a lot of the camping beginning sounds printable.

We’d use it in the same way.

Instead of a clip, I have students place a bingo cpu or some kind of marker on the correct letter.


Use this ending sound letter stamping worksheet with stamps, pencil, or with a dry-erase marker.

They simply write in the letter to lớn identify the ending sound.

This would be an awesome sheet to lớn combine with feeling the pull of a rubber band as students segment the CVC words.


I like the concept of the ending sound gingerbread match activity since it involves sorting without being a cut và paste activity.

Use it again và again. Simple.


Use these lucky ending sound letter sheets as quick check-ins (or as a pre-assessment).

Instead of using them with scissors & glue, I’d have manipulative letters like magnets out khổng lồ keep it fun and reusable.

Let’s wrap it up

It’s a handy list and should cover you! It doesn’t take too many repetitions in small groups for kinders to get this skill.

Keep in mind that identifying/producing the ending sound và identifying the ending sound by naming the letter are two different skills wink.

I hope that these can be helpful as you differentiate for your kinders.

Want to get your hands on more free games và activities khổng lồ use in your guided reading groups? check out these 6 Alphabet Identification resources to lớn start.


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