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be exempt from doing sth Lawyers would be exempt from reporting information learned through confidential communication with clients.
The impact of obligation alimentaire is also limited by the fact that certain forms of tư vấn are exempted from its operation.
The most powerful objection against exempting conscientious objectors from military service is precisely that they are free-riding on others" willingness to provide a public good.
Why should exempting the hands from their former communicational responsibilities have had the paradoxical effect of extending left-hemispheric control khổng lồ these now-excluded hands?
Entities that handle organic products are exempted from organic certification if they have gross organic sales under $5000.
Most basic of all, it exempted subjects of treaty powers from all forms of taxation except for the customs duties.
His confederates were exempted from banishment58 and were to lớn receive sầu the milder punishment of branding và three months of the cangue.
Furthermore, the neighbourhood was originally situated just outside the thành phố gates, & goods stored here were exempted from đô thị tax.

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As per the kowls given to them, these lands were exempted from the assessment of land revenue for twenty years.
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