Are you unable khổng lồ play Pokemon Go due of the constant location error? Follow our in-depth step-by-step guide on how lớn fix failed to detect location (12) error in Poketháng Go.

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by Farzan Hussain

Are you experiencing failed to detect location 12 or a location not found error in the Poketháng GO & unable khổng lồ play the game? Or maybe you are trying to spoof/moông xã your location using GPS joystick apps but the game is unable to get the location? Follow our guide khổng lồ fixing the failure to detect location issue in Poketháng GO.

According lớn our research, there are two main reasons why many of you are experiencing this error:

Reason 1 – You are somewhere under the buildings where your Android phone/tablet is unable khổng lồ receive sầu GPS signals.

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Reason 2 – Mock Locations option is enabled on your Android phone/tablet.

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Now, in case you are unaware, ‘moông xã locations’ feature is being widely used by the Poketháng GO users lớn spoof their location using GPS spoofing apps like Fly GPS, Fake GPS GO and other similar location hacking apps. These spoofing apps allow them lớn take their Poketháng GO character to lớn any part of the world and catch Poketháng from the comfort of their home page.

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