Anti-piracy in đoạn phim games is a funny thing. Every major publisher seems to know that they’re effectively just putting up a temporary roadbloông xã. Whether it’s days, weeks, or months*, the DRM will inevitably be circumvented and the game will be cracked.

Bạn đang xem: Far cry 5's drm has already been cracked on pc

Far Cry 5 is the latest big game khổng lồ get the pirate treatment, who managed to bypass a messy amount of security provided by Denuvo, EAC, và VMProtect in just under nineteen days. For reference, AC Origins took three months in total before its security was bypassed.

CPY are responsible for the craông chồng, having shared their progress on the /r/crackwatch subreddit. Apparently it wasn’t that hard, either, even with the latest DRM protection applied khổng lồ the game.

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There’s got khổng lồ to be a better solution for the industry than Denuvo, which is almost universally maligned for affecting game performance và effectively penalising those who actually paid for the game. Denuvo just isn’t good enough.

Ubisoft will no doubt be disappointed to lớn see their protection effectively be destroyed in less time than the hopeful window of a month, but Far Cry 5 is a pretty big seller as is. I reviewed it at its time of release & had a whale of a time, though it definitely wasn’t perfect:

“When it’s at its best, Far Cry 5 shows glimmers of being the fullest, most enjoyable game in the franchise to lớn date. The gunplay is as meaty & satisfying as it’s always been và the promotion of exploration has never been more keenly felt — anyone who’s ever enjoyed a Far Cry game will likely feel right at trang chính here. It isn’t without its faults -some glaring, some admissible- but when you compile everything Far Cry 5 is và could become in the future with its Arcade, it’s a scintillating package.”

*or even your yeeeeear

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