a note printed at the bottom of a page that gives extra information about something that has been written on that page

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a note at the bottom of a page that gives extra information about something in the text on that page
The footnotes to lớn each chapter make explicit the relationship of the chapter to any previous publications.
The footnotes in the book bear witness lớn the very great amount of archival retìm kiếm that was necessary during the course of their work.
We are left instead to hunt through text & footnotes for primary material & contemporary Review.
The many footnotes explain difficult terms and obscure references that would otherwise confuse or baffle the reader.
The bibliographic information on the majority of primary texts is hidden away in footnotes, which makes locating it somewhat laborious.
The footnotes act as a series of metatextual comments on the letter, addressed now khổng lồ a new, public audience.
Moreover, the tediously long quotes could have sầu been considerably truncated, eliminated, or relegated to lớn footnotes.

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Most significantly, it lacks a full bibliography, & references are given only in footnotes (which sometimes conflict with one another).
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