Description: tactical shooter with elements of a military simulator. Don’t expect a huge number of action scenes, constant explosions and shootings from this game as from similar AAA projects. This game shows what a war really is. The most common activities are kilometer marches through the forests or across the steppe, the choice of a successful position, preparation for the attaông xã. In this game, you have lớn crawl up on your stomach lớn a comfortable position, seek out the enemy in the thicket of the forest, và fire rarely but so accurate, since there will always be a limited amount of ammunition. This is what a real fight looks lượt thích – exhausting, dangerous & long.

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Forget about first-aid kits và automatic recovery of health, there are only bandages can help you easily bandage small wounds. Without the timely help of a field medic, the second hit of enemy leads you khổng lồ the last checkpoint.

This is a detailed war game & it shows you what the real war is. Players who appreciate the details and realism can definitely like it, but the rest may seem it boring và clumsy. Are you interested in such a detailed military simulator? You can download Arma 3 for reviews from our website.

The story of Arma 3 unfolds in 2030 & is connected lớn the confrontation between CSAT (a fictional military-political association) and NATO. In addition, there are neutral parties involved in the conflict because the action takes place on the territory of their home state. A fictional location, Altis Islands, was chosen as the location for military operations.

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There is no actual campaign in the game, so a single player consists of several missions. Most often, the player is assigned the task of commanding a small fighter’s detachment, to lớn carry out various actions in the rear of the enemy or near important objects. Two additions Apex và War Remnants exp& the mission set, và the DLC packs provide the ability lớn use a large number of military vehicles, including not only tanks, but also helicopters, as well as other equipment.

Game FeaturesThe character can be tired, which significantly affects his abilities in battle. A tired fighter hunts targets worse and runs slower, so it is better to rest before entering the fight.A wide arsenal of weapons is available for military operations. Most game models are the copy of real-life rifles and their modifications.To travel a huge location, you can use armored vehicles, airborne and other vehicles.Behind the shelter, you can take any convenient position for firing. There are a number of options for positions, not just the standard sit down, lie down.The game was created on the Real Virtuality engine, which allowed to lớn create a huge open map with partial destructible buildings and individual elements of the environment.Dynamic lighting và shadows make the picture a little more realistic.All the rules of ballistics taken inlớn tài khoản in the game, so don’t expected that a bullet hit at a distance of more than 500 meters exactly according lớn the crosshair. It is necessary for players to lớn take into lớn account weather conditions, distance & target movement.When playing the proposed missions, the player will be able lớn take part in sabotage, tank battles, shootouts between infantry units và artillery crews.

Another reason to lớn download Arma 3 is the ability khổng lồ play with other players by their own rules on their own server. In the third part of the franchise significantly simplified the installation of mods, making the client easy lớn add not only new textures, but also models. Entire servers with sets of modifications still create & some mods have even grown into lớn separate projects (PUBG). Thanks to lớn multiplayer và the ability khổng lồ create mods, Arma is transformed into lớn a completely different game, which is popular nowadays.

DLC PacksZeusKartsHelicoptersDLC Bundle 1MarksmenApexLaws of WarJetsDLC Bundle 2MaldenTac-Ops Mission PackTanksGlobal Mobilization – Cold War GermanyContactOld ManSOG Prairie Fire

To fully enjoy the game you need to lớn use all its features. Additions, that provide the ability to use all types of military equipment, reveal the full potential of Arma 3. Here you can tải về the Arma 3 torrent with a full set of all currently released DLC.


OS: Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)Processor: Hãng sản xuất Intel 2.4 GHz dual core or AMD Athlon 2.5 GHzRAM: 4 GBGraphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT / AMD Radeon HD 5670 / Hãng Intel HD Graphics 4000 with 512 MB of đoạn phim memoryHard Disk: 70 GB of không lấy phí space