HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales) was a hack-and-slash action RPG on Smartphone devices with high quality graphics made with the Unreal 4 engine, fast-paced action combat, many stages lớn fight through, 4 different classes, lots of equipment lớn collect, real-time PVPhường and Co-op Boss Rsida, and additional modes including Tower of Trials and Sanctuary.

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Publisher: NexonType: mobile RPGRelease Date: July 7, năm 2016 (Global)Shut Down: May 9, 2019Pros: +High Quality graphics. +Fluid, action combat. +Easy to piông chồng up and play. +Voice-acted story. +Real-time PVP và Co-op.Cons: -Repetitive sầu gameplay. -Pay-to-win aspects. –Lots of farming required.


HIT Overview

HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales) was a 3D dungeon crawler action RPG developed by NEXON, the popular publishers behind Pocket Maplestory and Legion of Heroes. Experience beautifully detailed and realistic graphics made with the new Unreal 4 engine. Defeat hundreds of monsters và bosses in over 100 stages with fast-paced, action combat with the ability to lớn use skills, block, dodge, & counterattack. Participate in an epic story khổng lồ save sầu the world from the God of Chaos. Face off against other players in the bloody Arena in real-time or team up with up lớn 4 other players in real-time co-op lớn take down powerful bosses. Choose one of four chất lượng classes, collect và enhance various equipment, & tăng cấp your skills for maximum effectiveness. Experience the next-gen action RPG, HIT, today!

HIT Features:

Stage-based Levels – Fight through hundreds of stages with many different environments, monsters, & bosses.High Quality Graphics – Experience top notch graphics made with the Unreal 4 engine with detailed environments, flashy effects, & realistic animations.Fluid, kích hoạt Combat – Defeat hundreds of different monsters và bosses with smooth, hack-and-slash combat featuring flashy skills, skill-based combos, và the ability lớn blochồng, dodge, & counterattack.Four Classes lớn Choose From – Play as Anika (Scythe), Lucas (Dual Swords), Kiki (Magical Staff), or Hugo (Greatsword) that all vary in combat, abilities, & playstyle.Voice-acted Story – Immerse yourself in the world of HIT with an epic story featuring well-known voice actors.PVPhường, Co-Op, và Additional Modes – Battle other players in real-time PVPhường, team up with friends in 5-player monster Rsida, & survive in various additional modes.

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Full Review

HIT Review

By, Herman Y.

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HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales) is a free-to-play, 3D hack-and-slash action RPG developed and published by Nexon, the popular game developers behind Pocket Maplestory & Fantasy War Tactics. HIT was first released on November 18, 2015 in Korea, and not only did it reach 1 million downloads within a week, it was the #1 trending game on Google Play one day after its release và made it into lớn Korea’s Google Play Games of the Year năm ngoái two days after its release. What is so special about HIT you might ask? HIT doesn’t really offer anything new to the table; it is your typical Korean stage-based action RPG, except it is extremely polished. In fact, HIT is so polished & improved upon that it is currently at the top of its class (of di động action RPGs). It features next-ren graphics with the Unreal 4 engine, extremely fluid action combat, strategic combat strategies such as blocking, dodging, and counterattacking not seen in many similar games, a voice-acted story, và lots of content that overshadows the generic-ness of the game.

Character Creation and ClassesWhen players begin, they can choose between one of four characters classes which include: Anika (Scythe), Lucas (Dual Swords), Kiki (Magical Staff), or Hugo (Greatsword). Players can switch between these classes at any time but will have to màn chơi each individually, & only the first two are free. Anika is an acrobatic & seductive sầu two-handed Scythe-wielding fighter with wide attachồng range, Lucas is a deadly and swift dual blade-wielding swordsman with super-fast attaông chồng tốc độ, Kiki is a powerful elven girl with devastating AOE attacks and ranged elemental spells, & Hugo is a slow but hard-hitting warrior armed with a large two-handed greatsword. Each class has quality attaông xã styles, skills, and stats, và feels very different to lớn play. Generally, every class has similar attaông xã và defense with the exception of Kiki, who has much more attack than defense, and all classes can bloông chồng (which negates all damage) and dodge in similar ways. The different classes add variety to lớn the game và the fact that players can switch between their different characters also add a lot of replayability.

Stage-Based ProgressionLike most điện thoại action RPGs, the world is divided up inlớn many stages across multiple Areas (10 stages in each Area). Each stage consists of running through a fairly short map và fighting through waves of monsters with a trùm battle at the over of each stage. Stages can be completed in about 1-5 minutes (with later stages taking longer to lớn complete) which is great for casual players, & while the stages may feel short for more hardcore players, it does help lớn tone down the repetitiveness. Each stage gives gold, experience, and a chance of obtaining rare equipment, which creates a reason to lớn farm & replay stages. The stages gradually become more difficult as time goes by, and farming previous stages for better equipment or for equipment to sacrifice (for enhancement) becomes a large part of the game. Each stage also has a recommended equipment score which indicates its difficulty & suggests whether or not players need to lớn upgrade their equipment. In addition, there is also a voice-acted story that appears every 5 stages that is well-written but not entirely captivating since it is fairly generic & doesn’t really have sầu any memorable characters or player interaction. Overall, the stages are fairly short và standard of Smartphone action RPGs, but still provide a lot of action và content.

“Unreal” GraphicsHIT currently has the best 3 chiều graphics seen in any thiết bị di động action RPG. The game was made with the Unreal 4 engine, a relatively new game engine that is currently in use for many next-ren games. The character models và animations are very realistic & the environments look detailed và varied. The attaông chồng effects and skills are flashy & the combat feels extremely fluid with many frames of animation in both movement và attacking. The knoông xã back of monsters when attacked makes it feel even smoother. The game also has spectacular lighting effects in each màn chơi, creating realistic shadows as well as light reflection on equipment and weapons which looks especially impressive sầu. Each class has many collectable equipment such as tops, bottoms, boots, và weapons that all vary in appearance và are well designed with a medieval-fantasy look. In terms of appearance and gameplay, HIT resembles a more realistic-looking version of Kritika: The White Knights, which is still a really great looking game today. The one downside is that the game may not run smoothly on many medium & lower-kết thúc devices.

Fast-Paced, kích hoạt CombatHIT features a very fluid hack-and-slash combat system that is both simple to lớn use and skill-oriented at the same time. Players can move their characters with a virtual joystichồng và can attachồng by tapping or holding the attachồng button, bloông chồng by holding the blochồng button, and dodge by holding the block button and then pressing a direction. Players can also use skills by pressing the respective skill buttons. While the combat seems fairly standard, the bloông chồng option for every class is actually a unique feature not seen in many games and adds a strategy aspect to the combat. Blocking negates all damage & blocking right when the enemy is about lớn strike đơn hàng a powerful counterattaông xã. As the level difficulty increases, being able khổng lồ bloông chồng, counterattaông xã, và dodge efficiently can greatly help in tougher battles và can Cosplay for not-so-good equipment. Some skills can also be combined inkhổng lồ special finisher attacks if players attaông chồng right after using the skill (the finisher attacks have cooldowns so they cannot be spammed).

Each class has many skills & each skill can be upgraded by spending skill points onto the 4 possible upgrades: Offense (skill damage), Wisdom (reduces cooldown), Concentration (critical chance), & Fatality (critical damage). There are also attachồng, defense, & counterattack-related passive sầu skills. Each class can also equip weapons, armor, & accessories that increase stats and these equipment can be enhanced và leveled up by sacrificing other equipment and then promoted with Jewels khổng lồ further strengthen them once they are max level (màn chơi 20). Like most Korean mobile games, there is also an “Auto” feature that allows characters lớn automatically move sầu & attaông xã in battles, which allows for AFK farming, but isn’t as effective sầu as manually controlling characters because characters bởi vì not use skills or block/dodge/counteract in Aukhổng lồ mode. Overall, the combat system is easy to use but also involves some in-depth combat strategies such as blocking, dodging, and counterattacking, and ultimately feels very fluid & a little more in-depth than other Mobile action RPGs.

Real-Time Co-op và PVPIn addition to the main stage-based Story mode, HIT features real-time Co-op, PVPhường., & additional single player modes. First, the game has a fun Co-op boss khủng Raid mode where players can party with up to lớn 4 other players in real-time và take on a powerful trùm. The “Auto” feature is disabled in this mode và players will have sầu lớn work together & strategically defeat bosses which is very exciting và rewarding. Unlượt thích a lot of điện thoại RPGs, the PVP.. is also in real-time. Players are randomly matched up against other players of similar ranks and then battle it out in intense real-time battles that involve a lot of dodging, timing, & strategy. Unfortunately, the PVP. is mostly pay-to-win because players who spover money generally have sầu better equipment và the match-making is not always balanced. Finally, there are some additional single player modes such as the Tower of Trials where players must climb floors of a tower defeating enemies, which gives great rewards such as Gems & equipment summons, & Sanctuary which is a similar survival mode that players can team up with AI companions, that give Jewels for promoting equipment. Overall, HIT has a lot of nội dung & variety with fun, real-time multiplayer modes as well as single player modes.

Cash Shop/In-App Purchases (IAP)HIT has the common Gacha-style in-ứng dụng purchases that provide advantages khổng lồ paying players. With Gems (premium currency), players can summon random weapons, armor, và accessories between the ranks Rare-Legendary (Guaranteed Heroic item if players sumtháng 10 at once), purchase in-game gold (for equipment enhancement), & refill energy for stages. The biggest advantage is the equipment summoning because paying players can obtain really good equipment, although it is random, while non-paying players can only summon Normal-Rare equipment with friover points. Players bởi vì, however, get five sầu miễn phí Normal-Rare summons a day and one không lấy phí Rare-Legendary summon every couple of days, as well as Rare & Heroic summons from login rewards so it is possible to obtain premium summons without paying. Players can also use Gems to revive themselves if they die during stages, which is a large advantage in the Story mode progression. Overall, spending money is not completely necessary if players are willing to repeat stages khổng lồ obtain better equipment, but spending money offers convenience và many advantages such as better equipment & more energy.

Final Verdict – GreatHIT is an incredibly polished mobile action RPG with beautiful graphics, smooth, skill-oriented action combat, and lots of nội dung including real-time PVPhường., co-op, và many additional modes. Although the game requires a lot of farming and repetition due khổng lồ steep rises in difficulty, has pay-to-win PVP, and is fairly generic in gameplay, it is currently the best in its class in the điện thoại action RPG genre và is a game all RPG fans should try out.