Would you like to play a certain game but the cost is too high? no problem, in this article I will list the best sites to download cracked PC Games for free, therefore I recommend you read this article until the end.Bạn đang xem: Full version pc games download free

Download Cracked PC Games – List Of The Best Sites Of 2020

Download Cracked PC Games – List of The Best Sites Of 2021

Unlawfully downloading games is illegal. This guide was written for illustrative purposes only and it is absolutely not my intention to encourage piracy. We, therefore, assumes no responsibility for how you can use the resources I’m about to tell you about.

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How To Find Out If A Game Has Really Been Cracked?

Before you start looking for a certain full crack game, you need to check if it has actually been cracked. It doesn’t make sense to waste hours and hours looking for a crack for a game if it doesn’t actually exist.

To find out if the crack for a certain game has been released, just follow the instructions below:

Click on the ” games ” section (find the item above).Search for the game via the search bar.Having identified the game, under the title, if you find the word ” CRACKED ” it means that the latter has been precisely ” cracked ” and therefore you can start looking through the sites that I will list in the following paragraphs.Otherwise, it is useless to waste hours searching the web for crack because they are only viruses.

List of The Best Sites To Download Cracked PC Games

Below you will find the complete list of the best sites that allow you to download paid games for free.

1. SkidrowGames Skidrow & Reloaded:

They are considered to be two of the best sites that allow you to download tons of games.

2. Ova Games:

Very famous and full of games site

3. FitGirl Repacks :

Popular site to download game repacks (Recommended)

4. Cracked Games :

Site also very useful

5. Steam Unlocked :

Very useful site to download games on Steam

6. Xatab Repacks :

Russian site, full of repacks of any game on the market

7. Qoob Repacks :

Russian site, very famous and very good.

8. IGG Games: 

How To Download And Install The Game

To download a game, simply open one of the sites mentioned above and use the search bar integrated into the site to search for the game we want to download.

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Once the game is found, we click on it to reach a specific page completely dedicated to that game.

Once this is done, click on one of the links on the page to download the game. (Whenever possible, I recommend downloading the game via ” Torrent File or torrent download ” or the Magnetic Links or ” Torrent Magnet Download “.

You need to install uTorrent on your PC.

Once the game is downloaded, in most cases you will find a text file (.txt) inside it, commonly called ” README ” which explains how to install the game without encountering problems.

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