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Zombie Catchers thủ thuật Apk
77 MB
Unlimited Money

Find Zombies

This trò chơi is all about finding và catching zombies & converting them into delicious beverages. There are plenty of locations and hideout available where you can find special và awesome zombies. You have khổng lồ be careful because catching zombies is not a piece of cake. Hide before catching & use your traps và harpoon gun to catch zombies. Some zombies are smart and they will start throwing items towards you but you have to lớn be careful with that. It is an action-adventure style game where hunting zombies is a business. Hunt those places where hordes of zombies located.

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Turn Zombies into Desserts

Zombie Catchers is a trò chơi where you hunt down zombies và convert them into different eating items. You are an owner of cafe which means that you own a business to lớn earn profit. People love the desserts you serve them but they do not know that you make desserts from zombies. Find out special zombies và turn them into snacks, drinks, beverages and desserts. You have huge juice machine in which you can smash down those zombies and turn them into delicious drinks. People are looking for these drinks so you can earn some good money in game.


Unlocked Weapons & Traps

This hack version comes with some premium perks which you can utilize for free. Get lots of weapons and traps in game so that you can catch zombies in quality way. Get harpoon gun and traps along with you and attack on hordes of zombies to catch them. There are so many traps & nets available which are completely unlocked lớn buy. You can buy any trap và gun in game. Get unlimited resources khổng lồ buy anything without wasting your time in collecting money.

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Upgrade Weapons

Weapons và traps are so much necessary in this trò chơi because these equipment will allow you lớn catch special zombies. You can nâng cấp your weapons and traps to make them more strong and powerful. There are different breeds of zombies lurking around and you need khổng lồ have powerful weapons and traps to catch them. You bởi not have to lớn worry about cash in game because this gian lận version get you endless money which you can use khổng lồ upgrade your traps và weapons. Increase the number of hooks in your harpoon gun. Increase the range of your weapon to lớn catch zombies from far away.


Explore Different Locations

There are lots of different locations available in trò chơi which you can explore khổng lồ find special and awesome zombies in hordes. Use drones khổng lồ locate hordes of zombies and prepare yourself lớn attack on those zombies lớn catch them. This game is so much fun to lớn play. Tải về this hack version now & start your game with endless resources.


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Q. How lớn get unlimited money in Zombies Catchers?

This mod version will give you endless resources and money in game for không tính tiền of cost.Q. Is Zombies Catchers Mod apk free?Yes, this mod android is completely miễn phí to tải về and you can get it from our site.

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