Every Halloween, giamcanherbalthin.com editors dig up some miễn phí scares for your desktop. Favorite fonts, themes, và screensavers haunt us year after year…và this October, a few new ghouls rise to lớn capture your imagination. giamcanherbalthin.com‘s lachạy thử Halloween collection includes a frightening phông, Windows 7 themepacks, & two exclusive sầu wallpapers from horror artist Chad Savage of Sinister Visions.

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Sinister Visions’ Autumn Harbinger Desktop Wallpaper glows with Halloween spirit.The zombies of Savage’s Zombo-o-Lanterns Desktop Wallpaper appear to lớn be dressing up as jack-o-lanterns, but with the determined way they reach their rotting fingers toward the viewer, nobody’s giving them candy. They’re after your brains. For a treat with fewer tricks, invite the deep blues & fiery oranges of Autumn Harbinger Desktop Wallpaper onlớn your PC. Two grinning pumpkinheads cross their skeletal hands across a backdrop of a setting sun và a sky brimming with stars. If it weren’t for the golden “Happy Halloween,” the scene could edge inkhổng lồ November as a solemn harvest image.

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Last year, the four horror-inspired fonts of Savage’s Sinister Visions Font Quartet leapt out at readers. They, and several other favorites from giamcanherbalthin.com‘s font and screensaver collection, remain poised for the jump scares. We’ve sầu invited Gary Pullin’s creepy Ghoulish fonts to this year’s Halloween tiệc ngọt. Inspired by classic horror movie posters, this display fonts can run the gamut from mild khổng lồ macabre.

Sugar skulls await their fate on Mexican holiday Dia de Los Muertos.Windows 7 users can get into the spirit with giamcanherbalthin.com‘s seasonal themepacks. Our Happy Halloween Windows 7 Theme includes Autumn Harbinger, Zombo-o-Lanterns, and three more images from artists in the DeviantART community, all set khổng lồ creepy sounds. If you want a theme you can use a little longer, hang on lớn your cranium và tải về the Day of the Dead Windows 7 Theme. Inspired by Mexican folk art, this themepachồng includes gloriously festive sầu skulls & the merriest skeletons you’ll ever see. Incorporating both the eerie và the cheery, these beautiful images ably bridge the gap between Halloween and Thanksgiving.