It is fine lớn use an infinitive in these sentences because it is part of the noun phrase after the verb suggest.

The sentence structure is “suggest something.” In the two example sentences, “something” is a noun phrase:“a way khổng lồ improve the economy”“several different things to vì after dinner.”

You cannot use an infinitive directly after suggest. You cannot say “I suggest lớn memorize sentences” or “I suggest khổng lồ improve the economy.”

I hope that is clearer now!

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Chris says

May 2, 2017 at 4:57 am

Here’s another example of subjunctive use in a that clause whose preceding main verb is ‘ask,’ as opposed khổng lồ ‘suggest’: “Once prosecutors determined that Greene’s cooperation with them had finished they asked that the judge unseal some of the documents.” I’ve seen other such examples of the subjunctive’s being used following an independent clause whose main verb was other than ‘that.’

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Hello Melanie,

Thank you very much.I want lớn ask you, please.Is there any verb like ” suggest ” I mean has the same rule?

Kind regards,Awatef

Hello Awatef!

First, I want to be clear that we are not talking about “rules”! I don’t like talking about “rules” because people don’t become fluent in a language by learning “rules.”

Here, this lesson explains the different ways to use the verb suggest in a sentence. These are sentence structures.

I don’t know all the verbs that follow these structures, but I will vị some research and report back lớn you in one week!

EDIT: You can read more about the subjunctive mood & learn other verbs that follow the same sentence structure here:

I agree with the above people that your tips và examples of the use of the verb suggest are very useful & iI vày thank you but i feel that there are some more uses of this verb that you haven’t included as for example the use of the simple present or the simple past instead of the subjunctive which makes the verb suggest less formal .

Dear Melanie,

Thanks for the explanations. They are simple và very useful.But I learned that we could use the past simple in the that-clause according to Raymond Murphy. He gives the following example: “Jim suggested that I bought a car”. Could you comment on it?