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But they certainly show that grammatical competence does not parallel linguistic performance và that processing tasks impede performance.
The door can be a useful impediment for comic purposes in the sitcom, but it can also impede the movement of the camera.
This fundamental difference impedes the development of an open dialogue, let alone a creative sầu cấp độ of understanding.
Perceptual fine-tuning of such stimuli and the formation of representations of social stimuli are impeded.
The powers that previous mayors enjoyed were seriously impeded, và they became powerless to lớn solve citizens" economic và social problems.
The retailers, so they argued, were impeding the government"s deflationary policy and were indirectly attacking the buying power of wage-earners.
These structural differences were highly significant from the point of view of assisting or impeding the output of controversial literature.
They also contributed khổng lồ tensions within unions & between them and liberal-leaning public interest groups, impeding efforts lớn form an effective health-care reform coalition.
This methodological approach can be useful for lots of purposes, but it has impeded understanding of my own views.
Tumour vessels are extremely leaky and tortuous, which impedes unisize blood flow, oxygenation & drug delivery in tumours.

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Such a construction would have sầu impeded the natural, southerly flow of water & thus protected the residential area to the south from flooding và sedimentation.
Luckily, the error that has impeded acceptance of this way of viewing matters can be readily identified và corrected.
As for those countries seeking entry into that organization, foreign property restrictions will impede the capital market integration that entry would otherwise bring about.
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