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the seat you will sit in on a particular occasion, or the seat where you usually sit, in the theatre, a class, a train, etc.:
the space at a table where one person will sit and eat, usually with a plate and knives, forks, and spoons arranged on it:
used after words such as "any" and "some" as a different way of saying "anywhere", "somewhere", etc.:
While Maryland has been running in place or going backward, a number of states have courted filmmakers aggressively.
I"m not going to criticize his decision - I know my place (= I know that I am of lower rank or have less authority).

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< + obj + adj > The horse was placed first/second/third in its first race (= finished the race in first/second/third position).
He qualified for redundancy on the basis that the new hours and place of work would be a change to his terms and conditions.
An issue would be placed on the ballot if a large number of voters from around the country signed a petition.
A lack of data has forced this research to defer any examination of the types of investments into which funds are placed.
I have seen blood-films and determined the tick from many different places where the disease has been recorded.
The relative contributions of each of the constraints placed on the current data are at present unknown.
Our sample was, therefore, more representative of patients placed on an order and less subject to referral or selection bias.
An initial model was run simultaneously for the three age groups without constraints placed on the model parameters.
We start relating strings and nets by looking at sets of places as alphabets and at families as strings on such alphabets.
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Ignoring the fates of human rights victims almost anywhere invariably makes the world-our world-a more dangerous place.
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