The RapidRide J Line upgrades the existing Route 70 bus lớn a RapidRide service.

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The project will enhance bus speed, access, reliability, và station amenities. It will also install new paving, protected xe đạp lanes, and bring many more upgrades as it connects Downtown with the neighborhoods of Belltown, South Lake Union, Eastlake, và the University District.

Updated: July 7, 2023

We are nearly done with thiết kế of the project. Public đầu vào gathered during design outreach in fall 2022 has continued to lớn inform final design. You can access the updated maps under the project materials section. These show the entire J Line route, including station locations, và how the roadway is being used for bus only lanes, vehicle traffic, và business access. You can also see where protected bike lanes are located. Please note: Curb space designations are subject lớn change before the RapidRide J Line project is built.

We expect construction lớn begin in 2024. We plan to lớn upgrade from the existing Route 70 lớn the RapidRide service in 2027.

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Project Overview

We"re partnering with King County Metro (KCM) lớn enhance transit connections & upgrade existing bus routes to lớn Metro RapidRide service. The project upgrades the current Route 70 khổng lồ a RapidRide service, improving transit connections khổng lồ Downtown, Belltown, South Lake Union, Eastlake, & the University District neighborhoods. In addition to lớn improving bus reliability with all day transit service, the project will install new bus stations, repave streets, showroom new protected xe đạp lanes, và improve pedestrian accessibility.

The RapidRide J Line project also addresses current và future mobility needs for travelers, transit capacity constraints along the corridor, and provides equitable transportation access khổng lồ major institutions, employers, & neighborhoods.

The RapidRideJ Line project will:

Improve access khổng lồ transit through upgraded curb ramps, sidewalks, and signalsImprove transit travel time & reliability throughout the corridor by adding transit lanes & transit signal priorityProvide a high-quality rider experience with stations that include shelters, lighting, real-time arrival information, và all-door boardingImprove connections to liên kết light rail, other bus lines, and StreetcarReduce greenhouse gas emissions with more transit options and fewer cars on the roadInstall protected xe đạp lanes to lớn improve safety of all travelersPave Eastlake Ave E from E from Fuhrman Ave E to Fairview Ave E with at least 12 inches of concrete, creating a roadway that will last more than 50 yearsPartner with Public Utilities to lớn replace the existing watermain on Eastlake Ave E

Station Amenities

The following amenities will be included at RapidRide J Line stations:

A 12-ft bus shelter canopyReal-time arrival informationAll-door boardingBenchesPedestrian-level lightingSignature signposts & route information mapsNext Generation TSP (ngTSP)


Project Map


Click this links to download a higher resolution map



Planning (2014-2017): We collected traffic data, reviewed plans, and gathered community experiences to lớn define options.

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Design (2017-2023): We are collaborating with the community, working khổng lồ secure regulatory approval (e.g., Environmental Assessment), và developing a more detailed final design.Construction (as soon as 2024): We will construct the project and keep the community informed on the latest construction updates, schedule, and expected impacts.Service launch (planned for 2027)


RapidRide J Line is partially funded by the 9-year Levy khổng lồ Move, approved by voters in 2015. Additional funding is being sought through a Federal Transit Administration Small Starts Grant.

How can I get involved?

We"re always interested in meeting with community and neighborhood groups that want lớn learn more about the project và make their voices heard. You can request a briefing by emailing RapidRide

RapidRide J Line outreach conducted khổng lồ date

From 2015-2023 the project has engaged the public with:

115 community meetings and briefingsMore than 1,685 community members engagedEmails và mailers to more than 40,000 neighborhood residents và businesses

DateEventPhase 1 - Mode Analysis & Existing ConditionsPhase 2 - Characteristics of BRT và Multimodal ComponentsPhase 3 - Recommended Corridor Concept
February 2015 Presented to lớn Eastlake District Council meeting
March-April 2015Key stakeholder group outreach, including phone calls khổng lồ develop an outreach list
May 2015Open houses (2) to discuss mode analysis và existing conditions
July 2015Joined Cascade Bicycle Club for walking audit of Eastlake Ave E
August 2015Presentation to South Lake Union Chamber of Commerce
September 2015Forum meeting in South Lake Union to discuss mode options
September 2015Forum meeting in South Lake Union to discuss mode options
October 2015Presented khổng lồ Eastlake District Council meeting
November 2015Forum meeting in South Lake Union lớn discuss BRT in-depth
November 2015Presented lớn Roosevelt Neighborhood Association
December 2015Open houses (2) lớn discuss BRT và multi-modal options
January 2016Presented khổng lồ Maple Leaf Community Council
January 2016Presented lớn University Transportation Committee
January 2016Presented khổng lồ Eastlake Community Council
March 2016Presented lớn U-District Partnership
March 2016Project staff conducted business access survey
May 2016Forum meeting to nhận xét recommended corridor concept
June 2016Presentation to Transit Advisory Board
June 2016Presented lớn Fred Hutchinson staff
June 2016Open houses (2) to review recommended corridor concept
July 2016Reviewed recommended corridor concept with Vulcan staff
September 2016Presentation to lớn Bicycle Advisory Board
July 2017Submitted Locally Preferred Alternative khổng lồ thành phố Council (approved July 2017)
November 2017Notifications for public scoping meeting: • thư điện tử update • Mailed notice
December 2017Public scoping open house khổng lồ inform project Environmental Assessment
March 2018Attended Eastlake Community Council meeting
April 2018Attended Eastlake Community Council meeting
August 2018Project email update
September 2018Presentation khổng lồ Bicycle Advisory Board
October 2018Notifications for Eastlake neighborhood question và answer meeting: • thư điện tử update • Mailed notice
October 2018Hosted Eastlake neighborhood question and answer session to reviews bicycle alternatives analysis & parking analysis
December 2018Email invitations sent for Eastlake community parking workshop
January 2019Hosted Eastlake community parking workshop lớn discuss opportunities for RPZ updates, transportation options, shared parking, and load zone relocations
April 2019Attended Eastlake Community Council meeting
April to lớn June 2019Project outreach staff conducted door-to-door access surveys for Eastlake businesses
May 2019Attended WSDOT/SDOT community parking briefing to đánh giá parking effects from the SR 520 project
July 2019Briefing with Friends of"s Olmsted Parks to reviews the Ravenna Boulevard park
July 2019Briefing with members of Eastlake Community Council và SAFE Eastlake
July 2019Notifications for Eastlake business parking workshops: • Mailed notice • Emailed notice • Door-to-door flyers
July 2019Hosted Eastlake business parking workshops khổng lồ discuss opportunities for load zone relocations, transportation options, shared parking, và RPZ updates
October 2019Hosted U-District and Roosevelt open House & Question & Answer Session
October 2019Hosted Eastlake, South Lake Union and Downtown xuất hiện House và Question và Answer Session
October 2019Captured community feedback through online open house
October 2019Presentation khổng lồ Transit Advisory Board
October 2019Briefings with: Eastlake CoffeePatrick"s Fly Shop
November 2019Briefings with: Public LibraryEastlake Fitness and DJ"s Children"s Hospital
January 2020

Notifications for Environmental Assessment and Section 4(f) comment period:

Mailed noticeEmailed noticeNotice at public librariesNotice of availability
January 2020Hosted U District, Roosevelt, Eastlake, và Downtown Drop-in Sessions for Environmental Assessment and Section 4(f) phản hồi period.
January 2020Briefing with the Eastlake Community Council Board.
February 2020Briefing with the University of Washington.
December 2020Route Update Public Meeting(virtual).
December 2020 (Add new line)Attended North links Connections Mobility Board meeting
January 2021Briefing with Councilmember Alex Pedersen
March 2021Briefings with: U District PartnershipBelltown United
March 2021Attended Roosevelt Neighborhood Association meeting
March 2021Attended North link Connections Mobility Board meeting
May 2021Attended Northeast District Council meeting
June 2021Briefings with:Councilmember Girmay ZahilayCouncil staffSpotHeroInterbranch Transit
June 2021Attended Mercer Corridor Stakeholder Committee meeting
July 2021SpotHero test at Eastlake Community Council Board meeting
August 2021Briefings with:Prime ParkingUW Student Life
October 2021U District liên kết light rail station grand opening tabling
October 2021Email update to lớn community-based organizations lớn take Supplemental EA Survey
October 2021Presentation to lớn the Bicycle Advisory Board
November 2021Received community feedback through Supplemental EA Survey
December 2021Briefing with:VulcanEastlake Community Council BoardProperty owners on Eastlake Ave
January 2022Project team responded to e-mail inquiries about shortened route
February 2022Project communications Neighborhood GreenwaysCascade Bicycle Club
February 2022Project outreach staff conducted door to lớn door notification of geotechnical boring work
March 2022Briefing with:Eastlake FitnessProperty owners on Eastlake Ave
April 2022Briefing with Eastlake Community Council
May 2022Project thư điện tử update about FONSI
May 2022Briefing with Police Department
July 2022Briefing with Vulcan
August 2022Project outreach staff conducted door khổng lồ door notification of geotechnical boring work
August 2022Project e-mail update for geotechnical boring work
August 2022Presentation lớn Eastlake Community Council
September 2022Captured community feedback through Community kiến thiết Survey
September 2022Notifications for virtual Multimodal Engagement SessionsSent mailerSent invitation through project email update
September 2022Hosted virtual Multimodal Engagement Sessions
September 2022Project e-mail update with follow up from Multimodal Engagement Sessions
September 2022Briefings Neighborhood GreenwaysEastlake Community CouncilU District Partnership
October 2022Briefings with:University of Washington Transportation Pedestrian Advisory Board
November 2022SDOT Director Greg Spotts Walking & Listening Tour along Eastlake Ave
February 2023Briefings Police DepartmentGeneral Services Administration
March 2023Briefings with:Fred Police Department
March 2023Briefings with Escala Condomuniums
April 2023Briefings with Eastlake Community Council
May 2023Briefings with:U District PartnershipSpruce Street School