An At Sight Letter of Credit is a letter of credit (LC) that is payable once the exporter/seller meets all of the requirements of the letter of credit.

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This type of LC provides the faskiểm tra mode of payment lớn the exporter/seller, when selling to lớn their overseas importers/buyers.

Letters of Credit

All letters of credit, including at sight letters of credit, are reliant on certain documents.

In order lớn be paid, the beneficiary (seller/exporter) must submit all the required documents to lớn the bank.

The required documents usually include the letter of credit itself và all other documents that show that the seller/exporter has met his obligations in the giảm giá.

Letters of credit are instruments used khổng lồ guarantee payment, và are separate from a purchase or sales agreement.

LCs are utilized to ensure that each side of the khuyễn mãi giảm giá delivers on their obligations in the giảm giá.

The issuing ngân hàng of the letter of credit guarantees payment and blocks the money for the deal until they receive confirmation that certain requirements are met.

To mix up a documentary letter of credit or at sight letter of credit, the paying các buổi party applys for a letter of credit at a ngân hàng or through a trade finance organization.


Exporters / Sellers

If you are an exporter / seller & am selling something internationally, you can be assured of payment by using a letter of credit.

With a properly issued letter of credit, you will be paid as long as you mee the terms and conditions stated in the letter of credit.

Payment is most often guaranteed by a reputable ngân hàng, therfore you’re not relying on the underlying credit capability or willing to pay of a buyer that you may or may not familiar with.

Importers / Buyers

If you are a importer/buyer, a letter of credit can keep you from losing money in the case that the agreed upon shipment never arrives.

Instead of paying for the goods or services upfront, a letter of credit blocks the funds needed in a ngân hàng until the exporter/seller can provide the required documents that prove that a shipment khổng lồ you has taken place.

Even though a letter of credit can greatly decrease your risk exposure in a giảm giá, it will not completely eliminate all risk.

The exporter/seller could ship goods that aren’t as you agreed upon in the purchase order or they could even commit fraud a ship you nothing at all.

The bank blocks the funds only against the required documents, và will not ensure that the the order is fulfilled as agreed upon in the purchase agreement.

One option to lớn further protect yourself is to add a required inspection certificate lớn the letter of credit, which gives you the opportunity to inspect the nội dung of the shipment before payment is released.

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How Long Does It Take To Receive sầu Payment?

Even though receiving payment through is fairly quick, that doesn’t mean that it is instant.

The exporter’s/seller’s ngân hàng will first Đánh Giá all of the submitted documents lớn confirm that they meet all of the requirements of the letter of credit.

This can take a few business days.

Sometimes, the required documents get forwarded lớn a second ngân hàng for reviews before being sent to lớn the issuing ngân hàng & payment is made.

Once all required documents have sầu been received by the issuing ngân hàng, the funds can be released.

When dealing in international wire transfers, it usually will take a day or two for the funds to arrive sầu in the beneficiary’s tài khoản.

In general, plan on 5 business days for every bank that is reviewing the required documents and & another one lớn two business days for the funds to be transferred.

How An At Sight Letter Of Credit Doesn’t Work

A deferred payment letter of credit is not an at sight letter of credit.This type of LC is called an usual example letter of credit, & it states that payment is to lớn be paid at some future point in time.

With an usance LC payment is made long after the required documents are presented.

This could be 30, 60, 90 or 180 days after the documents are presented.

Deferring the payment allows the importer/buyer more time to come up with the funds lớn cchiến bại the deal.

You could even say that a differed LC is a type of seller financing, allowing the buyer or the goods to turn around & resell the goods khổng lồ a second buyer without paying any upfront costs out of their own pocket.

Other Variations Within Letters of Credit

All letters of credit have a multitude of various features within them.For example, if a letter of credit becomes irrevocable, they become much more difficult lớn cancel unilaterally.

Confirming a letter of credit is called a confirmed letter of credit, and will add further security as the ngân hàng must be a trusted ngân hàng.

So Why Should You Use An At Sight Letter Of Credit?

An At Sight Letter of Credit is highly beneficial for the exporter/seller and the importer/exporter as payment will be paid lớn the seller before the buyer receives the goods, & the seller must ship the goods khổng lồ the buyer before receiving payment.

It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

This is why most all importers and exporters of goods internationally prefer to use At Sight Letters of Credit.