$100 helps the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America provide a walker và bathtub safety rail for an individual with multiple sclerosis, supporting increased independence and safety. 

MSAA is Improving Lives Today by providing information, services, tư vấn & tools khổng lồ the MS Community.

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Receiving a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and living with the disease can be challenging and life changing. The unpredictable disease course, flaring symptoms, & the impact on daily life create many questions and the need for reliable answers, tư vấn và services. MSAA’s Helpline allows individuals with MS, family members, and friends, to lớn connect directly with trained specialists who can answer questions, provide resources, and offer guidance & reassurance. MSAA"s Helpline may be reached by calling (800) 532-7667, emailing MSquestions
mymsaa.org, or engaging in our live MS Chat trang web option.

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Additionally, through a wide array of print và digital formats, MSAA provides current và easy-to-understand information as well as useful tools to help people living with MS và their families. MSAA"s resources include: mymsaa.org comprehensive sầu website, award-winning publications, magazine & videos; a Lending Library program và more. 

Many people with MS experience difficulty with balance, coordination, mobility, & managing the heat. To help address these và other critical challenges, MSAA offers tư vấn through our: Equipment Distribution Program that provides free, durable medical items such as shower chairs, walkers, & wheelchairs khổng lồ help improve a person"s safety và mobility; our Cooling Distribution Program supplies không tính phí cooling vests and accessories that provide several hours of cooling relief for improved chất lượng of life and participation in outdoor activities. The MRI Access Fund assists individuals who are uninsured or under-insured acquire cranial & c-spine magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exams to help determine a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis or evaluate current MS disease progression.

Since MS is ever changing, people must remain proactive và stay engaged in the conversation. MSAA offers several programs to lớn tư vấn this effort, which include: Educational Programs where members can attkết thúc không tính phí lunch or dinner events to gain valuable knowledge from leading MS experts; My MSAA Community, an online peer platform that allows the safe exchange of information & insights amuốn people with MS và care partners; the MS Conversations Blog which features timely, interactive discussions of topics important to the entire MS community; podcasts lớn report current MS care and coping strategies, & numerous Social Media Platforms. 

Additionally, MSAA continues khổng lồ develop and exp& its series of useful tools, which enable people to take an active role in understanding và managing their MS. Aước ao MSAA"s most innovative tools are: My MS Manager, a free điện thoại phone application that allows users lớn trachồng medications & symptoms, journal experiences, & share data with physicians; the SEARCH program which explains the long-term treatments for MS; and the My MS Resource Locator which is an MS-specific online database.