Founded in 1992, Metal-Tech Partners (MTP) has rapidly grown from a supplier of telecommunications products to lớn a multi-million-dollar business providing custom-manufactured & fabricated parts và services lớn the international telecom industry. This includes meeting exacting specifications for thousands of products ranging from racks, bays, và cabinets lớn pipe stands và support grids.

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“If the hàng hóa is not onsite, we"ll make it,” said Caleb Wolf, IT and plant manager, MTP. “We pride ourselves on the ability lớn meet customer needs quickly, accurately, & at the most competitive price in the industry. Our overriding goal is khổng lồ lead the industry with high-chất lượng products provided at the lowest possible costs & with the faschạy thử turnaround times.” Cloud ERP

A major component of the MTPhường. strategy is to employ the lakiểm tra technologies at every company màn chơi. Most recently, this involved replacing MTP"s legacy software program with the Cloud ERP solution. The modular system provides end-to-over scalability & flexibility designed lớn meet demanding manufacturing industry needs. It also shares data across applications, eliminating the need for separate applications, spreadsheets, and “one-off” processes. New information & changes are also immediately propagated through the system-providing up-to-date customer, operational, và financial visibility across the organization.

“We"re a small company,” explained Wolf. “We just don"t have the resources khổng lồ constantly upgrade our systems every year. was the best choice in the marketplace. It"s advanced, but doesn"t feel advanced. Security, reliability, functionality, & cost were our prime concerns. met all these criteria. We don"t even have sầu lớn think about it. We just know it"s going to vày its job.”

"Security, reliability, functionality, & cost were our prime concerns. met all these criteria."

Metrics that save sầu time và reduce costs

Quantifiable metrics were among mỏi the many benefits supplied to lớn MTP by As opposed khổng lồ its prior program, which could only provide detailed analytics at the kết thúc of each month, increased operational efficiencies by supplying production information on a daily or even hourly basis. This allowed MTP.. to carefully track and Review the time spent by every employee on projects.

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“Many companies worry about time và part tracking,” offered Wolf. “This is no longer a concern for us. has eliminated the need for paper trails. All employees have sầu khổng lồ vì chưng is log in và concentrate on unique và production quantities. The system tracks everything else, including the amount of material used. As a result, we can now better control inventory and predict shortages well before supplies are depleted.”

Better coordination throughout the company

According lớn Wolf, MTPhường also relied far too much on employees coordinating with sales staff and management regarding the status of customer purchases. Today, complete client profiles are available 24/7 through As a result, the ability to traông xã orders from production through shipping has been greatly enhanced, enabling sales personnel to lớn better inkhung customers about expected delivery dates rather than using their best guess.

Consolidated services in one system

Previously, MTP needed two systems lớn handle time tracking và payroll. combined both functions, while improving labor efficiencies & creating cost savings by tracking labor variances. The time spent on each job is meticulously recorded to ensure the right charge is applied lớn each invoice. Consequently, time overages are reviewed internally with employees to enhance production efforts.

“We now have the capability to generate detailed reports on a daily basis,” added Erinn Wolff, human resources and office manager, MTP. “Our financials, receivables, and payroll all run far smoother through We"re constantly retrieving data as the work is being performed. We"re even invoicing customers the same day we"re physically shipping items. This has certainly helped balance the books & increase cashflow.”


Download Success Story Company FactsLocation: Geneva, NebraskaIndustry: Telecommunications equipment manufacture & supplyChallengesLead the industry with high-unique products provided at the lowest possible costs and with the faschạy thử turnaround timesSolutionBenefitsOperate more efficiently by accessing production information on a daily or even hourly basisCan trachồng and Reviews the time spent by every employee on projectsEliminated paper trails so workers can focus on productionBetter inventory control & prediction of shortages before supplies are depleted

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