Horror is all about pulling emotions from your audience based on their primal fears. Most horror films & games aren"t really about the faceless quái dị stalking you or the hordes looking lớn tear you limb from limb, they"re about a fear you have in real life writ large. Most fears tkết thúc to lớn boil down lớn the unknown: people are afraid because they don"t know what"s going to happen in a given situation & their minds are leaning towards bad things.

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For some urban và suburban Americans, one of those fears involve the rural parts of the country. I"m one of those folk who drive sầu through Appalaphân tách with something approaching apprehension. Sure, it"s just farmlvà and woods, and I"m certain the people that live sầu out there are fine folk, but in my head I just think, "I don"t want to lớn be out here at night." Countless films have primed me a certain way.

Outlast II is all about preying on that fear.

Unlượt thích the abandoned Colorabởi asylum that was the first game"s location, Outlast II has players stepping behind the camera as Blake Langermann. Blake và his wife Lynn are investigative journalists wandering inkhổng lồ the Arizona desert lớn find out the truth about the murder of a pregnant Jane Doe. Of course, things go horribly wrong, leaving Blake trapped in Arizomãng cầu with only his camera, hunting for his wife.


Like the first game, things are very dark & you"re unarmed. The only way khổng lồ peer into the shadows is through your camera, which has a night-vision mode. Unfortunately, using it drains the battery quiông xã. So Blake has khổng lồ use the camera sparingly, hunt down other batteries to keep the damn thing charged, & hide if any trouble presents itself.

My first moments in the demo were all spent mentally yelling at Blake for not keeping his damn mouth shut in a bad situation. Did you miss the backwoods night-vision cultists, Blake? Why are you yelling?

Red Barrels uses this opening to turn up the tension, with screaming in the distance & flashes of movement in the corner of your vision. At one point, you run inkhổng lồ a villager who simply sinks baông xã inlớn the darkness in front of you. The town is covered in the dead, scrawled runes, and semi-religious imagery.

Nah, I"m good.

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The chạy thử quickly gives way to weirdness, with Blake being drug down a well into a series of metal vents, plucking the strings of the claustrophobic aước ao us. When you break out of these vents, you find yourself in an underground school. What happened out here? Why is there a full school under this town that"s been abandoned? What"s with all of the faux Christian propaganda on the walls?

Outlast II also jumps straight lớn the supernatural. Something invisible is stalking you in the hallways of the school. Lockers open and cthất bại on their own. At some point, something leaps inlớn a shadow on the goddamn ceiling. Is this shades of Outlast"s main antagonist, the Walrider? I"ll have sầu lớn save sầu my speculation for the final game.

Eventually, I came to the demo"s strongest sequence, with Blake hiding in a cornfield running from angry villagers. Imagine the opening Los Ganados village segment of Resident Evil 4 without any light, weapons, or maps. Do I stand still & wait for the light to pass, or make a run in a direction? This sequence really worked because you don"t really know where to go và you have sầu no way lớn defend yourself. Tearing through the corn only khổng lồ run inlớn a barbed fence felt terrifying with the villagers at your heels. Ultimately making the choice khổng lồ run at the lit farmhouse required a few moments crouched in the corn, weighing my options.

Negative sầu.

After running from the villagers, I found myself in a small clearing. From behind, a dark woman came at me, knocking me down & driving a vicious-looking pickaxe inlớn my unmentionables. That"s where my demo, & I guess Blake"s life, ended.

I"m still a little fuzzy on Outlast as a series. I love horror books, films, & television, but once it becomes interactive, I feel like I need to be armed. I prefer horror where I feel I can fight back, lượt thích Resident Evil or Dead Space, versus the powerless horror games lượt thích the original Outlast or Amnesia. I also think that Outlast"s camera battery mechanic needs to be a tuned a little bit; the battery drains real quiông xã, so you"re always looking for more batteries as opposed khổng lồ drinking in the setting. It adds tension, but it also feels like busywork.

Regardless, Outlast II looks lượt thích a more expansive sầu take on what made the original Outlast a great horror title. If you can"t wait for Outlast II"s Fall năm nhâm thìn release on PC, PlayStation 4, & Xbox One, you can go out inlớn a cornfield in the dead of night và run around khổng lồ prepare yourself.

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