This is a helpful guide discussing giving photo credit on Instagram & other social truyền thông platforms.

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How lớn Give Photo Credit on Instagram

Being a portrait photographer, many clients have asked me if they could post the photos I took of them khổng lồ social truyền thông and how lớn give photo credit on Instagram. In case you were wondering how to properly bởi it, it is very easy:

If you want khổng lồ give photo credit on Instagram, simply comment their Instagram profile in the caption with “
username” or tag their Instagram profile within the image. You can also do a combination of both!

When I first started out in photography & started my photography Instagram, I was not sure what “giving photo credits” was or the importance of giving photo credit on Instagram.

simple line và emoji

You can even just outright comment their name without any emojis or extra “fluff.”

As long as you are giving credit either through commenting their IG profile or name within the caption or tagging them within the photo, then you have properly given photo credit on Instagram!

It’s really easy và when people or clients ask me how I would lượt thích to be credited, this is now what I tell them.

Benefits of Giving Photo Credit on Instagram

One of the biggest benefits of giving photo credit on Instagram is because of networking.

Instagram is a platform built for sharing & a sense of community.

With all the mèo videos & memes that have flooded our feeds, I believe it is easy to forget this! (don’t get me wrong I love those mèo videos)

This is especially true if you were the subject in a photograph taken by a photographer.

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You tag them, the photographer will tag you back & maybe even give you a shout out on their Instagram story.

Your followers will see the photographer & the photographer’s followers will see you.

This could open up new connections và new followers that you may have never realized! It’s a win-win for all.

Instagram is a community.

Continue to địa chỉ cửa hàng to that sense of community that you fell in love with — the one that made you tải về Instagram in the first place.

I hope all these tips và reasons behind why it’s important & how khổng lồ give photo credit on Instagram helped you!