A pick-me girl is a girl who seeks male validation by indirectly or directly insinuating that she is “not like the other girls.” Basically a female version of a simp. Characteristics of a pick-me girl: lets men walk all over her because of her “CaReFrEE” demeanor, only hangs out with men because they’re “unproblematic”, exerts qualities/characteristics of her male counterparts that were not initially present to be more likable và relatable to them, etc.

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Ex. 1:Pick-me girl to lớn her ONE girl acquaintance: “Yeah, I just have sOoo many guy friends because they’re so chill và not catty like literally every girl is lol!!”Ex. 2:Pick me girl: *Just starts skating because she sees all the đáng yêu skater boys on TikTok doing it**May or may not post all over social media her one good run boarding/holding her board like she didn’t just start skating yesterday*
The meaning of a “Pick-me girl” is a person who tries to be ‘different’ to impress men, Pick-me girls will constantly seek attention from males. Beware of them..

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a pick me girl is very easy to lớn distinguish for other girls but men tend to fall for it very easily. A pick me girl will RAVE about how she only hangouts with the male species because its “easier and less drama filled” but in reality non pick me girls just don’t claim her. She will go out of her way khổng lồ make fun of a gf for something private or embarrassing they told her in front of a group of guys to lớn make them lượt thích her less. It goes without say that she will act COMPLETELY different when ur around guys verses when you are alone with her (girl to girl) Will constantly remind you that she is not lượt thích other girls and she doesn’t try around other boys because they lượt thích that she’s natural và wears sweatpants & might even go out of her way khổng lồ say she is like a sister or mom lớn her male friends. Men fail khổng lồ identify this type of pick me girl because she tends khổng lồ “flex” her male relationship on other girls & hypocritically complain about pick me girls in-front of the guys . Overall very misogynistic because she wants men to like her! Don’t be fooled taken men because your gf probably sees it more than you do.
Erica: I think I’m into Zach vì chưng you think i should go for it?Pick me girl: OMG ugh he’s lượt thích a brother to lớn me we facetime all the time!!!Erica: I’m so excited for Ben’s party! I can’t wait khổng lồ look xinh đẹp i haven’t in so longPick me girl: see we are totally different becuz lượt thích i don’t have to lớn try around them bc they just know me so well & i’m just like comfortable looking lazy và not try around themPick me girl: *randomly texts Erica* isn’t it lượt thích so weird that i can’t find a good present for johns birthday lượt thích I KNOW HIM SOO WELL and we r sooo close i’m lượt thích his sister and i give him like so much advice.