Here is a new style for Claire inspired by Quiet from MGSV. There are belts, pistol holster, and boots. This nude thủ thuật includes a custom Normal map for that extra màn chơi of detail as well as imbuing Claire with a rib-cage. Also contains abrasions, bruises, etc. It’s a hairy version. Credits: marcus69.

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This hack adds an explicit nude texture for Claire. Replaces both the toàn thân và face textures.

Contains:Fluffy Manager 5000Credits: FluffyQuaông chồng.

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This is a mod manager, trainer and jukebox — all in one! Designed to lớn be used for various Capcom games. Modular Classic Tank Top – MGSV Quiet Nude (addon).rarCredits: alphaZomegaNude Claire styled lượt thích Quiet from MGSV, with shoulder holster (no knife or fanny pack), belts, pistol holster, and boots.It must be installed after a base mod (Modular Classic Tank Top.rar).Modular Classic Tank Top.rarCredits: alphaZomegaIt’s a base hack, fully re-created Classic Tank Top outfit. All other mods require this one khổng lồ be installed first. Real Nude Claire Hairy 1.2.rarThis is purely a nude texture hack for Claire that replaces both her face và toàn thân textures. Hairy version. Install it after all other mods.
Backup your dlc folders.Unpachồng the “RE2R_Claire_Nude_Patch_1.2.7z” anywhere you want & see its content: three mods (.rar files) và gian lận manager (Fluffy Manager 5000 folder).Copy the “Modular Classic Tank Top.rar“, “Modular Classic Tank Top – MGSV Quiet Nude (addon).rar” và “Real Nude Claire Hairy 1.2.rar“lớn the “Fluffy Manager 5000” directory:Fluffy Manager 5000GamesRE2RMods** Mod file format must be on .RAR tệp tin.Launch “modmanager.exe” with administrator permissions from the source folder.If you run Fluffy Manager 5000 for first time you should vì next:Go to “Choose game” & select “Resident of Evil 2 Remake“.Clichồng “Define game path” và add the .exe cộ file under the game directory.Clichồng on the “Mod list” button and select “Modular Classic Tank Top“.It must be installed first. Wait for the application to lớn say in the lower left:“Installed mod: The version of this thủ thuật you are using”.Then select “Modular Classic Tank Top – MGSV Quiet Nude (addon)“in the “Mod list“.Clichồng on the “Modular Classic Tank Top – Real Nude Claire – Hairy 1.2” in the “Mod list“. Let this gian lận overwrite other two mods you installed before.Cthảm bại hack manager.Open the game.