Riririri translate. Ririririri translation. Ririri military code. What Does "ririririri riririri" Translate on TikTok?

There is a bizarre phenomenon currently hitting the TikTok social media platform. Most TikTok users today are basically confused by the meaning, translation, & mystery of the language of "riririri" in the comments.

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Sometimes you find that the variation of the bình luận is not always 8 letters "riririri", but it can be "ririri," "ririririri," "ririririririri," và so on.


"What does "riririri" actually mean? Is "ririri" a slang word or a language from another planet?"

I asked myself, và maybe you thought the same when you first found it out.

Finally, I, who was curious, decided lớn investigate this strange phenomenon myself. Here are the results I got...

What "Riririri" Means on TikTok

The results were quite surprising. Whatever word related lớn "riririri" when translated with the TikTok feature, the meaning can be various và diverse. In fact, some meanings become really scary, dark, và disturbing.

You don"t believe it?

Please try khổng lồ translate by tap và hold the "ririri," "riririri," or related comments in a video clip on TikTok. Look at the translation for yourself.

Every time some user comments with those words, then you translate them into your native language, the meaning can differ from one another. It looks really unique & interesting if you think about it.


Yes, even though the translation is rather unnatural and kinda creepy if you read it in your language. For example, some meanings of "riririri" which I tried to translate myself. These translated into:

it"s cryingit screamsit"s a cry for helpit"s a dream come trueit standsit"s only a matter of timeit"s oversadness & sorrowand others

Most likely, you will find it difficult lớn get a detailed explanation of the translation of "ririririri" with the "riririri meaning" từ khoá on Google. A few hints, maybe you can get from Google Translate.

What "Riririri" Means According to Google Translate

Google Translate doesn"t actually give much meaning to lớn the word. In fact, the translation is the same as what you type. However, it could identify the words as what language and where they came from.

If you type the word "riririri" into Google Translate, it will be detected as Maori. The Maori language is spoken by one of the indigenous tribes of New Zealand. It is an endangered language.

If you type the word "iririri," it will detect Shona or Xhosa, one of the native and official languages of Zimbabwe and South Africa.

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What "Riri" Means in Maori

My tìm kiếm continued until I found a helpful site related lớn this phenomenon. So I might as well include it here. According lớn the Maori dictionary, it means:

(Verb) khổng lồ scold, tell off, be angry, annoyed, enraged, furious, infuriated, irate, outraged.

(Noun)anger, fight, rage, quarrel, wrath.

Basically, the meaning of "Riri" in Maori is a word that refers to lớn expressions of anger, rage, fury, annoyance, and the like.

So, does the translation of "Riririri" that you find on TikTok still have anything to vì with what the above site says?


Is this just an error, bug, or glitch from TikTok that causes the translation lớn be inaccurate and awful?

Argh, I don"t know, I don"t really know. So many questions still become a mystery. I"m done with my investigation here.

Trend Origin: "Ririri" Meme Song

This is some additional information.

The term "riririri" originates from a piece lyric of the tuy nhiên "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," which was sung by The Tokens. Solomon Linda wrote và recorded the original tuy nhiên under the title "Mbube" for the Gallo Recording Company in South Africa.

It eventually became widely popular when many of the pop artists & bands of its time adapted và covered it in English. The cover tuy nhiên was also used in the animated film The Lion King.

They (netizens) usually use the sound on videos and recently Among Us memes. Especially in the hurtful situation when someone is about khổng lồ experience bad luck or an accident that can be fatal. For example, in the situation of a lion getting into someone"s car, which might trigger a UFC fight.

The word of the lyric is actually "a-wee" repeated several times, but the tone sounds lượt thích "hiririri" or is changed as "riririri" by the netizens. Some people believe that it"s a military code.

That"s the explanation of what "riririri ririri" actually means on TikTok. I hope it will give you some insight. If you have more interesting information, feel miễn phí to bình luận below. Thanks for reading!