One of the best Android-based thiết bị di động devices is none other than the HTC One M8. It is equipped with high-end specifications & features that complement the superior performance of the device that you make any advanced Android user more than happy to use it. However, in order lớn take full advantage of this Android device, you should consider the HTC One M8 S-Off procedure to lớn "release" its internal working so that you can perform other customizations & operations.

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The term "S-Off" may put you inkhổng lồ a whirlwind of confusion và intimidation but it is really easy to get và work with.

Part 1: What is S-Off?

By default, HTC equips their devices with a security protocol that ranges between S-ON & S-OFF. The security protocol place a flag on the device"s radio that will check the signature images of any firmware before it will "clear" it for installation on your device"s system memory. Therefore, you will not be able to lớn customise any parts of your device: ROMs, splash images, recovery etc; it will also limit access to lớn its NAND flash memory.

By activating S-OFF, the signature protocol is bypassed so that you can maximise customisation on your Android device. HTC M8 S-OFF reduces the access limitation khổng lồ the device"s NAND flash memory so that all partitions, including "/system", are on write mode while Android is being booted.

Part 2: Baông chồng Up Data Before Getting S-Off

Before enabling S-OFFHTC One M8, it is best to baông xã up data on your device. You know, in case your customisation endeavours go sour.

Backing up your device is a relatively easy task, especially if you have sầu the help from Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android - Data Backup & Restore. It is a flexible Android backup & restores software that allows users to lớn backs up and restores different types of data includingcalendar, Gọi history, gallery, Clip, messages, contacts, audio, applications và even application data from rooted devices that you can pđánh giá & selectively export. It supports more than 8000 Android devices including Điện thoại HTC.

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How you can backup your HTC One M8 before getting S-off?

Backup Data from HTC One M8

Launch the software & select"Data Backup & Restore" from the menu.


Using a USB cable, connect your Điện thoại HTC One M8 to lớn your computer; make sure that USB debugging is enabled on your device. A pop-up message will appear if you use an Android4.2.2 và above device---tap on the "OK" comm& button.


Note: if you have sầu had any issues with backing up your device previously, you can check for an overview of your backup history by clicking the "View backup history" button.Once your Điện thoại HTC One M8 is connected, choose the files that you want lớn bachồng up. After you have sầu made your selection, clichồng the "Backup" button to begin the process.


This process will take a few minutes---make sure you keep your device & computer connected throughout the whole process.

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You will be able to lớn see the backed up files once the backup process is complete by clicking the "View the backup" button.


Restore Data on Điện thoại HTC One M8

Once you are done with your customisation & would lượt thích lớn restore your data back onto lớn your computer, follow these steps:

Launch the software and click on the "Data Backup và Restore" menu. With a USB cable, connect your Smartphone HTC One M8 and your computer. Cliông xã the "Restore" button.


The software will show you a list of files that you have backed up by mặc định. Clichồng the drop-down các mục khổng lồ select a backup file that is dated further.


You will be able to pReview each of the files that you backed up so that you can determine if they are the files that you want to restore.


The process will take several minutes so vị not disconnect your HTC One M8 or use any phone management apps or software.


Part 3: Step by Step to lớn Gain S-Off on HTC M8

What you would need

There are several items that you need lớn proceed:

Make sure that you have an unlocked bootloader with a custom recovery process.Uninstall Điện thoại HTC Sync so that it will not interfere with the tool you need to lớn enable S-OFF.Activate USB Debugging.Deactivate all security setting by going lớn Settings > Security.

Deactivate the "Fast boot" mode by going to Settings > Power/Battery Manager.

Make sure that your device is using USB2.0 instead of USB3.0 for compatibility.

Turn S-OFF on

Plug in your Smartphone HTC One M8 to lớn your computer or máy tính & launch the terminal. You will also need khổng lồ download an S-OFF tool, lượt thích Firewater, & install it on your computer.With an ADB, launch Firewater on your device.adb reboot This will reboot your device; push Firewater khổng lồ your device.adb push Desktop/firewater /data/local/tmp Change the permission of Firewater so that you can run the tool. Type the following lines accordingly:abd shellsuchmod 755 /data/local/tmp/firewater After typing in "su", check if your Superuser tiện ích is asking you for an approval.

Launch Firewater và bởi not use or disconnect your device during the process./data/local/tmp/firewater Read và agree lớn the terms & conditions when prompted---you can bởi this by typing in "Yes". Wait for the process lớn be completed.