a fixed amount of money agreed every year as pay for an employee, usually paid directly into lớn his or her ngân hàng trương mục every month:

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aa fixed amount of money paid to someone for the work the person is employed to vì chưng, esp. the amount paid every year:
the total amount of money that an employee is paid every year khổng lồ vì their job, or one of the payments they receive sầu each month as part of this:
The average salary per soldier is about $3,500 per month, with top helicopter pilots và country commanders earning about $7,500.
All economically active sầu individuals were then asked about the income they earned in one month through salaries, wages, business, trade or agricultural production.
Apparently, as earlier indicated, the main concern in the decision-making process is keeping afloat regional administrative machinery by covering recurrent expenditure, especially salary costs.
The limited available evidence suggests that, while there is a positive sầu correlation between inflation và salaries, neither is well hedged by equities.
The 2006 limit is the lesser of $44,000 and 100 % of salary & is scheduled khổng lồ rise with inflation.

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Such as you are, you will soon find ten wealthy noblemen who will vie for the honour of making up for the absence of salary.
One is that internal contracts may be cheaper if employees are willing to lớn take lower salaries in return for tenure of employment.
Funding covered the salary of one development worker, as well as sessional payments for tutors" fees & costs of transport.
They tkết thúc to have the problem of paying their salaries as well as providing good accommodation & other facilities such personnel will require.