The mạng internet can be a quirky place. If it wasn’t, Samsung Sam probably wouldn’t have gone viral in the way that it did. The sheer popularity of what is not really a mascot but rather an intriguing physical representation of a virtual assistant has led many lớn wonder: who is Samsung Sam?

Sam from Samsung has a full name và that’s Samantha, obviously. While it has been associated with Samsung since it first went viral in 2021, Samsung actually didn’t make Sam itself or acknowledge its existence.

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The Samsung assistant Sam doesn’t exist beyond a collection of 3d rendered images that show a virtual woman who’s fun, quirky và ostensibly a pro at using Samsung products. So where did it come from?





These 3d renders were created by Brazillian kiến thiết firm Lightfarm in collaboration with Cheil. Some of you may be aware that Cheil is a sale company that Samsung owns. The idea behind this project wasn’t lớn use these renders to lớn promote Samsung products. It was meant to showcase what a theoretical virtual assistant could look lượt thích in human form.

Lightfarm already had a 2D model of Samsung Sam but it went through a complete redesign & was subsequently posted on social networks in a 3 chiều version. This is when Sam from Samsung just below up, but not for the reasons that you might have expected.

The bob haircut, the piercing xanh eyes và the quirky vibes attracted a little too much attention. Many declared Sam from Samsung as their waifu, a term of endearment used online for an anime character that a person feels attracted to, often romantically. This resulted in not so wholesome nội dung featuring the Samsung assistant Sam being spread online.

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Lightfarm quickly caught on khổng lồ what was going on & before long, it scrubbed the very existence of Samsung Sam from its website. As they say, nothing ever really disappears on the internet. Sam from Samsung continues lớn capture the hearts & minds of people online.

Fake humans have always had a captivating effect & perhaps that’s why the Samsung assistant Sam ended up with a persona that was larger than life. Maybe some wished that it would be the physical representation of Samsung’s rather underwhelming Bixby or that it was the progression of Samsung’s NEON virtual human assistant tech. Alas, it was neither of those things.

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