Krafton announces that it"s bringing back the original design of PUBG: Battleground"s original 4x4 map, the often controversial Sanhok.

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Sanhok is perhaps PUBG: Battlegrounds' most controversial map. The maps was introduced in 2018 as PUBG's first 4x4-sized map, the smallest the trò chơi had at the time. The bản đồ was criticized for its low visibility & dense foliage, but it was also the most played PUBG maps for some time after its release. Sanhok has since gone through a massive overhaul, which has only made the map all the more controversial. Perhaps in response lớn negative feedback, Krafton is now going to lớn re-release Sanhok with many of those changes reverted.

Krafton says that Sanhok is going to lớn be returned to lớn its "original glory" as part of PUBG: Battlegrounds' upcoming 17.1 update. This was previously announced as part of the development team's 2022 Dev Plan, but the update & its nội dung are now being confirmed. Further, those interested in seeing what PUBG: Battlegrounds' changes lớn Sanhok look lượt thích can try it out on the battle royale's PC kiểm tra server starting today.

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Here's what will be changing as part of the Sanhok overhaul. Lớn start, several additions from the 2020 rework are being removed. That includes the Loot Truck, the Decoy Grenade, và the Jammer Pack. As for content that was previously removed and will be returning, Sanhok's lobster-shaped Bootcamp, as well as the Docks, Ruins, & Quarry are all making a comeback. Further, Sanhok will once again embrace its previous jungle theme.

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The new Sanhok won't be an exact replica of the original map, obviously. Too much time has passed và too much has changed, both for Sanhok and for PUBG, khổng lồ truly go back to lớn the way things were. Still, Krafton is hoping that these changes will make Sanhok appealing in a way that it hasn't been since the rework. Krafton wants its most-popular maps back.

Sanhok's changes are just one piece of PUBG: Battlegrounds 17.1 update, of course. In addition lớn reworking Sanhok, Krafton will also be starting up a new ranked season with all of the rewards expected of it. There will also be a new weapon, the ACE32, an AR that uses 7.62mm ammo that will be available across all maps. Additionally, Tactical Gear will no longer be able lớn store other Tactical Gear.

Update 17.1 for PUBG: Battlegrounds will be launching soon, too. Players won't have to lớn wait long to lớn experience the full "original glory" of Sanhok. The official release date for the new content is April 13 on PC, followed by a console release a week later on April 21.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, Xbox One, and mobile devices.