We can use hate, lượt thích, love & prefer with an -ing khung or with a to-infinitive:

I hate to see food being thrown away.

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I love going to the cinema.

I prefer listening khổng lồ the news on radio than watching it on TV.

He prefers not to wear a tie lớn work.

In American English, the forms with to-infinitive are much more common than the -ing size.

There is a very small difference in meaning between the two forms. The -ing form emphasises the action or experience. The to-infinitive gives more emphasis khổng lồ the results of the action or sự kiện. We often use the -ing khung to lớn suggest enjoyment (or lack of it), & the to-infinitive form to express habits or preferences.


I like making jam.

He likes telling jokes.

They don’t like sitting for too long.

emphasis on the experience/action

We have a lot of fruit in the garden. I like to lớn make jam every year.

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I prefer khổng lồ sort out a problem as soon as I can.

If you prefer not to lớn go camping there are youth hostels nearby.

a habit or preference

The -ing size is more comtháng than the to-infinitive sầu size after hate and love:

I hate decorating. I’d rather pay a professional lớn bởi it.

Would + hate, like, love, prefer

When we use would or ’d with hate, lượt thích, love, prefer, we use the to-infinitive sầu, not the -ing form:

We would love sầu to lớn hear you sing.

Not: We would love hearing you sing.

They’d hate to lớn cause a problem.

Not: They’d hate causing a problem.

I’d prefer not to give sầu you my name.

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Not: I’d prefer not giving you my name.

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