If you are fascinated by oceans or vast water bodies, Subnautica is just the game for you. This is an open-world survival action-adventure based game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment.

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The game allows you lớn explore the vast oceans after you crash l& on an alien planet called Planet 4546B. You must know how to lớn collect resources khổng lồ survive sầu và face creatures underwater.

Subnautica was originally released for Windows in năm trước. But they launched a new version for Mac OS X the following year. A year later, the game was made available for Xbox One users. As far as PlayStation 4 players are concerned, they received the game much later in 2018.

This is one of the most popular games out there. It has already sold over five million copies as we speak. Considering the huge popularity of the game, the makers are planning to lớn launch a version for Nintenvì chưng in 2021. Not just that, but they also released a sequel for the game called Subnautica: Below Zero. It was released for early access in 2019.

If you are interested to lớn know more about this wonderful game, you should give this article a read.

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What is Subnautica about?

Subnautica is an ocean-themed game developed & published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. The game was first released in năm trước, but the craze is still high. The makers have sầu confirmed lớn launch a Nintenvì chưng version of the game in 2021.

The game is all about exploring the unknown alien planet by travelling in submarines & scucha diving. The entire gameplay takes place underwater where the players face numerous creatures & fight for their survival.

The alien planet called 4546B is almost water. They reach the planet after their spaceship, Aurora crashes down. To survive sầu, players must know how to lớn collect resources & use them in the right place. This is the game where your scubố diving skills are put to test.

The underwater world is filled with creatures, resources, và threats. Submarines & craft equipment are offered to lớn help players explore the lush coral reefs, underwater cave systems, volcanoes, và more. You have to give in your all khổng lồ face the dangers and survive sầu in the game.

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This is a first-person game phối on a future aquatic planet. There is only one long-term survival who is the protagonist of the game. It is up lớn the players to make the most of the limited resources provided to lớn them. Players need to lớn learn about the new environment và improve their situation on their own. In the process, they need to lớn collect resources, better equipment, and save themselves from threats. There is a chance you can even find a way home.

Overall, this is a pretty exciting action-adventure game. If you haven’t played it yet, you should give it a try now. It is available for both PC and console users. 


As already mentioned, Subnautica is an action-adventure game set in an open world environment. This is a first-person survival game where players control the protagonist stranded on a remote ocean on an alien planet.

The main objective sầu of the game is to explore the deep underwater & survive the threats. At the same time, players are also required to complete several tasks & collect resources. Just lượt thích any other game, resources are very important. Apart from that players also need to collect equipment, submersibles, and bases. Throughout the game, you get to interact with several wildlife species under the ocean.

The majority of the game takes place underwater, with two explorable islands. At the starting of the game, you need to lớn select a difficulty mode. You have sầu four options to lớn choose from. This includes survival mode, freedom mode, hardcore more, & creative sầu mode. You will be given challenges based on the model you select.

Each of the modes has something special in-store. The different game modes are what make Subnautica more interesting. If you love sầu a challenging game và oceans, you must try out this game once.

Features of Subnautica

Subnautica comes packed with features. It is because of these features that the game feels so great to lớn play. For those who haven’t played the game yet, here is a brief overview of the features.


Resources and equipment khổng lồ collect

The game offers a lot of resources and tools lớn players. You need to lớn collect all these to lớn use in the game. Resources are needed lớn get new tools và are very important.

Subnautica is a unique game made by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. It is an action-adventure game but takes place underwater. If you want lớn try something new, you should give this game a try.

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