On Timebucks you can always find a way to earn no matter the country you are from. If you choose the tasks wisely, it gives great opportunities and you can get paid in cash or cryptocurrency.

If you are looking for free ways to make some extra money online, you have maybe heard of Time

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But is Time
Bucks legit và really a great way to earn some extra bucks, or is it a scam that is just a waste of time?

I have tested the platform thoroughly and have been a thành viên for several years.

And let me just reveal right away that Timebucks is a legit platform, và I have been paid by it many times myself (I will show payment proof below), so I know it is safe and a real way khổng lồ earn và not one of the kém chất lượng scams. However, this does not necessarily mean it is the right option for you.

This Time
Bucks đánh giá will show you all the details và show exactly what it offers, and I will giới thiệu my experiences with the site and show you some Timebucks tricks to lớn get the most out of the site if you decide lớn join.

After reading this review, you will be able khổng lồ see if it is worth it for you to join or if it is better for you to lớn spend your time on other sites.

Disclosure: Some articles on this trang web contain affiliate/sponsored links. Click for more info.

Table Of Contents

What is Time
Bucks, & what does the site offer?

Bucks is an online reward site where you can earn money in several ways. This is also known as a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site.

It is giamcanherbalthin.completely không lấy phí to join và use, as are all legit GPT sites.

It is owned by Australian Clearing Pty Ltd, but it is still available worldwide but we will go more into the availability later.

Many of the offers it has are similar khổng lồ other paid survey sites và online reward portals, but it also has some features that are unique & that I have not seen on other sites. Whether these are great opportunities or distractions depends on what you are looking for.

One thing that is important to know is that Time
Bucks continuously develop and địa chỉ new earning methods. Sometimes they also remove methods if they find out they are not working out very well. When I first joined, it, for example, had a grow a beard challenge, and you could earn by taking selfies.

These methods are not there anymore, but they have then introduced other ways to earn instead. So just be aware that there might even be more options than what you find in the review here, even though I try to lớn keep it updated.

But let's go over what opportunities the site offers one by one so you can see if it will be worth it for you or not.

For that, I have made a video clip that gives you an inside look và shows exactly how you can earn from Timebucks. You can also read all the details below the video.

Click to check Out Time
Bucks for Yourself

Option 1 – Paid surveys:

Bucks offers quite a good amount of paid surveys. You can take surveys through a number of different providers while being logged in & get paid into your Time
Bucks account.

Most of the surveys are offered through survey routers or offers walls. The great thing about this is that you can find a lot of surveys in most countries. The disadvantages are that it sometimes can take some patience to lớn find the surveys you qualify for.

But the survey options are actually pretty good on Time

You can find quite a lot of paid surveys on Time

Above, you can, for example, see that the reward for taking a survey through Your Survey is $0.875. These surveys are offered on many GPT sites, but this is actually one of the highest rewards you can find for them.

Overall, the surveys are one of the best ways to lớn earn on Timebucks and definitely a section you should make sure to kiểm tra out if you kết thúc up joining. You can find a lot of different surveys.

Exactly how many surveys are available will, however, vary depending on the country you live in, even though it has surveys for most countries. But if you bởi not have a lot of surveys available, there are other ways lớn earn on Time

Option 2 – Watch videos:

Bucks offers a few different ways to earn by watching videos in the clip section.

One of them is the same as most other GPT sites, where you have khổng lồ watch 3 videos + ads within a certain topic. And they then also have small separate videos where you will get paid when you have seen a certain amount of seconds.

There are many videos, but they are not the highest paying option.

You can find these videos by going lớn the “content” tab in the earning section and then scrolling down và finding the “video” tab.

In a way, it is an easy way khổng lồ make a bit extra. But the rewards for this option are very low, so not an option lớn use lớn really boost your earnings, but nice to earn a bit if it is a video clip you would lượt thích to watch anyway.

Also, what I like is that the conditions for each video and what it takes a very clear on Time
Bucks. This makes it easy for you lớn see right away if it will be worth your time or not.

In addition to lớn these đoạn phim options, you can also earn by watching You
Tube videos. You can find this option by going khổng lồ the “Engage” tab.

You will then be guided to sign up for a third-party site where you can earn by watching random You
Tube videos.

It takes a few minutes to set up, but there are good guides there that explain exactly how it works, & once it has been phối up, you get paid quite well per đoạn clip you watch giamcanherbalthin.compared to lớn most other ways lớn earn by watching videos.

As of updating this review, they offer $0.01 per video clip you watch, but this can vary from country to lớn country và from time to lớn time.

Option 3 – Offerwalls:

There is an offerwall section with access to a number of different offers. This can, for example, be to get paid to tải về apps, to sign up for a website, to thử nghiệm a product for free, etc.

There are many offerwalls inside Time
Bucks – these are just a few examples.

The image above just shows a few of the offerwalls you can find, as Timebucks gives access khổng lồ around 12 walls last time I counted, và each of them gives access to many offers.

Some of these offers have really good rewards. Most of them are also offered through other survey sites like Prize
Rebel or y
Sense, so if you, in general, prefer using one of these sites, you can probably find the offers there as well.

Option 4 – nội dung options:

The content tab inside Timebucks gives access to lớn several different ways lớn earn.

In fact, at the time of updating this review, you can find 4 different ways to earn just in this section.

Some of the content-earning options.

You can, for example, earn by clicking small ads và visiting a trang web for a certain number of seconds. It can also be to lượt thích Time
Bucks Facebook page and more.

You can watch slideshows where you have to watch 10 pages of a slideshow khổng lồ get paid. This can be quite entertaining as there are some great slideshows, for example, about giamcanherbalthin.come crazy puppy pictures, best MMA fights, shocking facts about celebrities, the worst tattoos ever, etc.

In this section, you can also find the following earning opportunities:

Engaged hits (you can earn by installing a software that will play videos automatically)Push click (get paid lớn click on ads delivered as push notifications in your browser)

While I have been a member, it has also offered a few other options below, but at the time of updating this Timebucks review, they are not available.

You used lớn be able lớn get paid to tìm kiếm and could earn up to $0.01 per online search, depending on the country you live in. This is currently not there, but as mentioned earlier, the platform regularly tests different ways lớn earn, so maybe it will giamcanherbalthin.come back at some point.

There also used to lớn be a separate section where you could get paid lớn watch You
Tube videos. That section is not there anymore, but you can still earn by watching You
Tube videos, as these videos are now a part of the Ad Clicks option mentioned above.

The great thing about the content section is that you can always find ways to earn here, no matter the country you live in.

Some of the options in this section will not make you a lot of money, but many of us probably often watch slideshows, News, etc., lượt thích this anyway, & the tasks are, in general, easy và fast to lớn do.

Option 5 – Micro-tasks

Timebucks has a section simply called “Tasks”.

Here you can get paid to vì different types of tasks like downloading apps, watching You
Tube videos, visiting certain websites, following people on social media, etc.

The tasks usually bởi vì not take, but not all of them give good value for your time.

These tasks are created by other Timebucks members, as not everyone offers a fair pay for your time. So just choose these tasks wisely.

You can always just decide which tasks you want to lớn do, and you can see the requirements and pay before you start. Và if you choose wisely, it can be an easy way lớn earn a bit extra.

Option 6 – Get cash back when shopping online

Personally, I think it is great when GPT sites have a cashback option. This means you can get cash back if you cửa hàng online in certain shops they have partnered with.

Bucks used to also have this option, & it could be a great way lớn earn/save some money if you siêu thị online anyway.

You could use this option if you ever shopped through Ali Express.

The cahsback rates Timebucks offers for Ali Express.

However, Time
Bucks never had as many options as the đứng đầu cashback sites, và my theory is that they stopped this to focus on offering other tasks và specialing in those, which makes sense, in my opinion.

I just still wanted to lớn mention it in this review, as many people have asked me where to find it now, and, therefore, I wanted to lớn make it clear that this is no longer an option on Timebucks, as of updating this review.

Option 7 – Invite people lớn join:

You can invite other people khổng lồ join Time
Bucks và get paid a giamcanherbalthin.commission for this.

You will get paid in 5 levels. That means that you will also get giamcanherbalthin.commissions for the people that your referred people refer. Not a high giamcanherbalthin.commission, but a little is also nice.

The giamcanherbalthin.commissions you get for inviting others.

If you invite a lot of people that also kết thúc up inviting a lot, it can build up & be a great way to earn. Because it has 5 levels, it makes it a pretty good referral program giamcanherbalthin.compared to many other similar sites.

So if you join and lượt thích using it yourself, it is a very good idea khổng lồ also start inviting others lớn join. They will earn the same whether they join through your link or not, as the giamcanherbalthin.commissions are paid out of Time
Bucks' pockets.

Option 8 – Timebucks weekly sweepstake

Timebucks has a weekly sweepstake you will get entries for just by being active on the site.

If you are lucky và win a prize here, it can really boost your earnings, and it is one of the best sweepstakes options I have seen on any Get-Paid-To site.

If you are lucky, you can win big prizes with the Timebucks sweepstakes.

You will get 100 entries every day you log in lớn Timebucks. For any task, you do you will get 1 entry per $0.001 you earn, & you will get 200 entries per person you invite lớn join.

In addition to this, there is an easy way to lớn get a lot of extra entries passively by downloading the Timebucks Sweepstakes software.

By running the software, you will get 100 free Sweepstakes entries every 10 minutes without doing any tasks. Just be aware that it currently only works on Windows PCs.

You can download it from the Sweepstakes area inside Timebucks.

The software mines cryptocurrency using your unused processing power, & Timebucks will then give you Sweepstake entries in return.

Option 9 – Advertise:

You can use Time
Bucks to advertise. The options you have here vary, but you can, for example, promote You
Tube videos.

So if you have a You
Tube đoạn phim you would like to get more views, you can promote it here. You will choose how many views you would like, from which countries, age group, and more, & then pay for this. Other members will then get paid to view your video.

Personally, it is not a way I use to lớn promote my videos, as it can also have some risks. But if you know what you are doing and are aware of the risks, then this can be an easy way lớn advertise your videos to lớn a certain audience.

Option 10 – Daily contest:

Every day, the đứng đầu 100 earners on Timebucks will be rewarded with extra cash. First place will get $5 down to $0.10 for 51st lớn 100th place.

They used to only reward the vị trí cao nhất 5 earners daily, but then the rewards were higher. This has now changed, so they give smaller rewards, but a lot more users get a reward. Whether this is a good or a bad chance depends on your personal preferences, but this is how it works now.

And it is not that difficult khổng lồ earn enough lớn be at the top, so this can be a great way lớn make a very nice extra reward.

Click to check Out Time
Bucks for Yourself

How do you get paid?

As you can see, Time
Bucks has quite a few options to make a bit of money. Every time you vị a task on the platform, you will get paid in dollars. But once you have made money, how can you then use them or get them?

Bucks offers a few different payout methods at the moment, which are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Pay
Pal, Payeer, Air
TM, ngân hàng transfer, Virtual Visa, và Skrill.

Timebucks offers many payout methods.

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Pal was not an option for a while, but it has recently been added as a payout option again. At the same time, Timebucks added Virtual Visa Cards, so it now offers another two great ways to lớn get paid if you prefer getting paid in cash. And it even offers payment via bank transfer (via Transfer
Wise), which is quite unusual for a GPT site.

Overall, Timebucks offers some great payment methods, in my opinion.

You can get paid once you have earned $5, which is a nice low payout threshold. It is nice khổng lồ be able to request a payout fairly quickly & not wait until you have earned a lot more, which is the case on some other survey sites.

They fairly recently lowered that lớn $5 from $10, & a great improvement, in my opinion.

Your reward will automatically be paid out once you have reached the payout threshold, & Timebucks process these payouts once a week. However, if you want to lớn wait until you have accumulated more money, you can also choose lớn hold your payment until you manually ask khổng lồ get the money out.

So some pretty good and flexible payout options & conditions it has.

I have personally been paid by them many times, và it all works fine, và it is definitely a legit và safe site. So if you have been wondering whether Timebucks is real or fake, you vì chưng not have to worry – you can count on getting paid without problems, in my experience, as long as you do everything honestly.

Below you can watch a video clip where I will show how to withdraw step-by-step; you will learn how to lớn choose the right Timebucks payment method for you và see Timebucks payment proof so you can see it actually does pay you:


How much money you can make depends on a number of different things. First of all, of course, how much time you will spend on Time
Bucks, và how many of the opportunities you wish khổng lồ use. It will also depend on where in the world you live.

Some countries will have more surveys và wall offers than others. But because there is such a big variety of ways khổng lồ earn, và many of them vì chưng not depend on your location, it is possible for everyone to lớn make some extra cash.

It will, however, be easier for you lớn earn if you live in a country where there are regular surveys & offers on the offerwalls. No matter where you live, you can also invite others to join, which can be a great way khổng lồ earn extra.

There is also a way to lớn increase your earning by getting a Timebucks premium membership. If this will be worth it or not, really depends on how much you are already earning on Timebucks.giamcanherbalthin.com.

The premium membership costs $4.95 per week, & you will then get 25% higher rewards on all surveys, offers, và tasks you vì chưng (excluding referral earnings & bonuses).

So it is a pretty big increase, but it also costs money. So it will not be a good investment for all.

If you are already making more than $20 per week on Timebucks, it will be profitable for you to lớn get the premium membership. But if you make less, you should not get the premium.

But be aware that, as with any other survey & GPT site, you should not expect to lớn make a living from it no matter what. You can make some nice extra money on the side, but if you expect khổng lồ begiamcanherbalthin.come rich, you will be disappointed.

Can you use Timebucks on mobile?

Being able to lớn use a GPT site on di động gives a lot of advantages – especially on a site lượt thích Timebucks, which offers a lot of small và easy tasks you can vày whenever you have a bit of time during the day.

There is actually a Timebucks tiện ích you can download and use. However, it is called Timebucks Surveys, & it is quite different than most other GPT apps.

You cannot find all the Timebucks earning methods but only specific types of surveys. Và once you have downloaded the app, you need lớn connect it to your Timebucks account.

You bởi vì this by going to your profile settings inside your Timebucks account, and here you can find something called a Timebucks Connect code. You need it when logging in to lớn the app.

You can currently only download the phầm mềm for android devices.

But if you want to lớn use Timebucks from other devices or if you want access to all the earning options from mobile, you can also just open Timebucks through your browser on any device, & it is optimized for mobile.

Some tasks are only possible to vị on mobile. So it is definitely an advantage to also check out the options Timebucks offers on mobile.

Who can join?

No matter where in the world you live, you can join Time
Bucks. Which opportunities are available will vary, depending on the country you are from.

But giamcanherbalthin.compared khổng lồ other sites, it has a large number of opportunities even if you live in a country where there are not a lot of survey opportunities.

The content you can watch, Instagram, inviting people, sweepstakes, tasks, và the videos you can watch will be available for most countries. And you can even find surveys và offers in most countries as well, even though it might take a bit of patience in some countries.

Can you get support?

Yes, you can get support if you need help. Time
Bucks has a tư vấn service that fairly quickly gets back lớn you if you need help.

I have tested this myself, so I know the tư vấn staff is friendly & good at getting back lớn you, which is important for any service or platform.

Final verdict

Bucks is definitely NOT a scam but it is a legit GPT site with quite a lot of earning options.

But to help you find out if this is then worth it for YOU, let's finish this review by summing up the pros và cons of Time
Bucks so you can get a better overview before deciding if it is for you or not.


Big variety of opportunities
Possible to lớn join & get opportunities from more or less all countries
Some extra features that you vì not find on other sites
Pretty user-friendly
Pays in cash
Many great payment methods lớn choose from


Some opportunities have low rewards

In general, I really lượt thích Time
Bucks, & it is definitely a legit site. I think it is great that it offers some interesting and different opportunities & also offers these for countries where it is usually difficult lớn get many opportunities on survey sites.

Some of these do, however, give quite low rewards. But many of the things are things we spend time doing online anyways, và then it can be great khổng lồ get paid a bit to lớn do.

So if it will be worth it for you to lớn join depends on what your expectations are and if you find the opportunities on Time
Bucks interesting.

How vị you sign up?

It is very easy to lớn sign up. Just click the button below, and you will get khổng lồ Time
Buck's website, where you can sign up. It takes a few seconds to sign up.

You just have khổng lồ fill in your e-mail and a password, and you will then receive an thư điện tử you have khổng lồ confirm. You can also choose to sign up with your Facebook account.

If you have any giamcanherbalthin.comments, questions, or any experiences with Time
Bucks yourself, I would love to lớn hear from you in a bình luận below.

October 7, 2022October 16, 2022 Stephen Egbochue
Website Reviews
No giamcanherbalthin.comment on Timebucks Review: Is Timebucks Real Or Fake? (Untold Truths)

Timebucks is one of the few multi earning websites we have in the world. Irrespective of the kind of earning tasks you desire ranging from surveys, games, reading, clicking, watching videos và so on and so many more.

But is timebucks really worth the hype? Can you really make thousands of dollars on timebucks or is it just another waste of time, energy and effort? Well, personally I have tested timebucks và I must say that timebucks is indeed a legit website.


However, that is not all that there is to lớn know about this website. In this article I will be showing you more in depth truths about earning on timebucks that you might not be hearing from influencers, also we’re going to lớn be answering popular questions regarding timebucks, its internal features và much more.

*Watch Me Make Money Live On Timebucks By Playing Games:

How to lớn Make Money On Timebucks

There are a lot of ways khổng lồ make money on timebucks. In fact this is actually one of the best multi choice earning websites in the globe. In a giffy we are going to lớn go through all the methods you can actually earn money in timebucks và also potentially how much you can make from each section.

Paid Surveys

Just lượt thích any other online earning portal, timebucks provides a couple high rewarding surveys on a daily basis. Timebucks also partnered with certain survey niche websites lượt thích ysense và constantly display surveys from ysense on their platform.


From my experience on timebucks, surveys are actually one of the highest earning categories on timebucks. You can earn somewhere between $0.50 khổng lồ $2 lớn answer surveys (depending on the survey và how much you’ll be paid).

However, just like many other survey websites, there are not many opportunities for people in third world countries khổng lồ actually bypass the requirement for these surveys. This has been a major problem in various other earning websites when it giamcanherbalthin.comes khổng lồ surveys. Many advertisers actually target first world countries therefore earning through surveys might be difficult if you live in a third world country.

Playing Games

This might be very surprising. You can actually earn real money by playing games on timebucks. I personally tested this feature and uploaded the live demo on my You
Tube channel. Click HERE lớn watch the video.

As at the time of writing this article, there are about ten games available on timebucks from which you can play as much as you can earn money. So how does this work?


Before you can start playing games, timebucks will show you the requirements to earn money from a particular game. & mainly this requirement is usually a certain point you must achieve while playing a trò chơi in order to earn your cash.

The earning và points feature works on autopilot. This means that you will not earn your rewards if you bởi not reach the required points. And vice versa when you reach the required points and finally reach game over, your point will be added automatically to your timebucks balance.


You can also earn money on timebucks by viewing slideshows. Basically, all you have to vị here is lớn view pictures và you’ll get paid. The two major problems with this particular earning feature is that firstly it is time consuming & secondly it is very low yielding (about $0.01 per slideshow).

Search & Engage Tasks

Another very cool way lớn make money on timebucks is by reacting khổng lồ social truyền thông posts. You can get paid to like videos, follow pages, etc. Also you can get paid to search for contents on the web. The only downside with this earning feature is that it has a low earning yield. Basically, the average pay to tìm kiếm up content on the web is about $0.01 per search. Well I Still consider it a cool feature since it involves only searching up content.

Timebucks Referral System

This is one of the top ways to earn money in timebucks. On their referral plan, you earn approximately 15% of your referral earnings on the platform which is extremely high. However, you will only be paid your referral earnings if your referrals verify their identity on timebucks.


Also, star-clicks has a two tier referral earning system. This means that even if your referrals refer other people, you will be paid for the new referrals your own referral brought lớn star-clicks.

Backs On Ali

One very cool way lớn earn money on star-clicks is by shopping on Ali
Express website. You can get up to 4.5% cash back on your purchase on Ali
Express using timebucks. However, this cash back is only applicable khổng lồ certain categories of goods on Ali
Express & not every category.


If you are a shopper or probably a dropshipper, then timebucks could be a superway khổng lồ minimize the cost of purchasing goods from the Ali
Express giamcanherbalthin.company & maximizing your profits.

How Much You Can Earn On Timebucks

The amount of money you can make in timebucks greatly depends on the country where you live or currently reside in. As I mentioned earlier in this article, taking surveys is one of the highest paying earning methods on timebucks & unfortunately most third world countries lượt thích Nigeria, India, Pakistan etc are not ipportuned to lớn have soon many Surveys lượt thích first world countries (USA, UK, Canada etc).

However, on a more general note, you can earn between $2 khổng lồ $20 per week on timebucks. This earning estimation is based on consistency. If you are active & consistent with giamcanherbalthin.completing tasks on timebucks, then you will definitely not find it too difficult khổng lồ make $20 every week on timebucks (recall that there are a lot of tasks on timebucks).


I prefer you take timebucks more of a side hustle than an actual job. If you are hoping to lớn begiamcanherbalthin.come a millionaire or make thousands of dollars, then you might kết thúc up being disappointed (same applies khổng lồ other micro-task earning portals online).

Another cool way lớn earn more money on timebucks is by upgrading your timebucks account. Now one very popular feature amongst GPT (Get Paid To) websites. Is that those who acquire the premium plans usually earn more than those on the không tính phí plans.


So therefore, upgrading your timebucks account might also he a good idea if you want to lớn earn much more from timebucks.

How lớn Withdraw From Timebucks

Timebucks does not have a specific withdrawal option. You get paid automatically when your earnings accumulate to $10. In other words, $10 is the minimum threshold for payout on timebucks.

I personally find this option quite intriguing và unique from other platforms where you have khổng lồ go through withdrawal forms & procedures before getting your money. However, you will be required khổng lồ verify your identity before your earnings will be sent lớn you.

How khổng lồ Sign Up On Timebucks

Signing up for Starbucks is very easy. Simply click the button button below & fill up the registration size that follows. A verification liên kết will be sent to your e-mail address, all you have to bởi is khổng lồ click on the verification links and your thư điện tử address will be verified.

Take not of the fact that you can start earning money on timebucks without actually verifying your identity. You’ll only vì chưng so before receiving your very first payment. Additionally, you earn a không tính tiền $1 sign up bonus from timebucks as a worm welgiamcanherbalthin.come. & yes, this money can be withdrawn alongside your balance.

Is Timebucks Real Or Fake?

Based on our analysis above, timebucks is a legit website. Timebucks have been in existence for close khổng lồ a decade and have ever since still been in operation. Personally, I haven’t seen anyone giamcanherbalthin.complain about being scammed on timebucks or not been paid after reaching the withdrawal threshold.


Yes, there might actually be some delay in the withdrawal process (in some cases), but your earnings will still be delivered to you regardless.

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Final Thoughts

I personally think timebucks can be a great way to earn money online during your không tính phí time. However, you can also take timebucks very seriously and earn a decent ingiamcanherbalthin.come if you live in a third world country like Nigeria. Earning $20 a week might be nothing in first world countries, but in countries like Nigeria, that is a full time salary (per month).

So timebucks is a great website. You can as well watch this clip where I tried t earn money live on screen by playing games on times on timebucks. Want to lớn know how much I earned after almost an hour of game play? Watch the clip HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions On Timebucks

How do You Get Money From Timebucks?

You get money by giamcanherbalthin.completing tasks on timebucks. Whatever task you choose to lớn giamcanherbalthin.complete, once you are done with the task, your earnings will be sent khổng lồ your timebucks dashbaliard automatically.

How do You Get Timebucks Fast?

To get started with timebucks you need lớn register or create a timebucks account. You can bởi vì that by clicking HERE to proceed to the registration page.

Is Timebucks Legal?

Yes, timebucks is giamcanherbalthin.completely legal. They have been in existence since năm trước and are one of the few legitimate GPT (Get Paid To) websites in the world.

Is Timebucks Trusted?

Yes, timebucks is a trusted earning website. There are thousands of earners who use timebucks daily and most importantly get paid when they reach their threshold of $10 so therefore, timebucks is definitely a trusted website.

Who Is The Owner Of Timebucks?

The owner of timebucks is Singh . The giamcanherbalthin.company was established in năm trước and has ever since been in existence.