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We emphakích thước the need khổng lồ assume uniformity of extended preferences amuốn individual observers; otherwise, the ordinary utilitarian formula cannot be derived.
Using this principle would result in treatment of comparatively fewer patients than using a straightforward utilitarian principle.
How does one proceed from impartiality, possibly compounded with sympathy, to lớn the utilitarian mean rule?
The general duties are first-order impartial and easily justifiable from a utilitarian, deontological, or contractarian perspective.
Such clarity in upholding accepted boundaries suggests an appreciation, if not an interaction, with the natural world that sits stoically within the prevailing utilitarian tradition.
It is not as though, as utilitarians would have sầu it, everyone is always an agent (or parent) acting on behalf of everyone else.
If one were lớn drop this restriction, the utilitarian solution of adding up the individuals" utilities would satisfy all the other conditions usually suggested.
Partly because these were utilitarian structures, durability was not a prime concern; surviving examples are accorded significance as authentic vernacular.
Furthermore, as argued above sầu, there were utilitarian as well as protective factors underlying the care of old women.
Outside the sport hunting heartlands, a utilitarian, và increasingly commercial, attitude towards wild animals persisted among both the rural gentry and the state.
In reality, however, decision makers may deviate from this utilitarian perspective for very rational & transparent reasons.

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The loosely utilitarian philosophy of managed care seeks to maximize services for the most patients at the lowest cost.
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